Forty Hands & Popaganda Popsicles

It’s amazing how quaint little spots around Singapore are gaining cafe-popularity. While I appreciate the convenience of Starbucks, Coffeebean and the likes, it is definitely nice and worth the effort to venture out of town area time to time. Worth it x 2 if your friends are adventurous as well, trooped down with 2 girlfriends one Sunday afternoon for tea.

Forty Hands has been around for awhile now, with a reputation for serving good coffee and recently, brunch. Heard there’s always a steady stream of customers, which proved to be true as seats were all taken. We got a table in the open air “backyard” section, no sofa seats, but cosy in its own way. Get orders at the counter, grab some self-serve water at the bar and settle in while waiting for your food to be served.




Food for Thought @ 8Q

My search for comfort food on a cold angsty day led me to Food for Thought @ 8q. I’ve had their pancakes with mixed berries and plain ones previously and was instantly in love with it. Luckily for me, the place wasn’t packed on a Monday afternoon. (Note: Brunch menu available only from 9-530pm!) Reservations are highly recommended for dinner & weekends, though I have something to say about that at the end of this post.

The interior of this casual cafe is charmingly decorated in white, with high ceilings, glass jar lights and a corner selling little knicks and knacks.



My Top 5 Fave Fries


Not in order of preference and truffle fries are not included!

The Hand Burger (above). Crispy & with paprika!
Carl’s Junior. Potato-y!
Mos Burger. Not salty & potato-y!
Long John Silver. Battered, ’nuff said.
Everything with Fries (curry/original). Seem to have more of those soft soggy types that I like and the seasonings!

Hard to resist fries, no?