Forty Hands & Popaganda Popsicles

It’s amazing how quaint little spots around Singapore are gaining cafe-popularity. While I appreciate the convenience of Starbucks, Coffeebean and the likes, it is definitely nice and worth the effort to venture out of town area time to time. Worth it x 2 if your friends are adventurous as well, trooped down with 2 girlfriends one Sunday afternoon for tea.

Forty Hands has been around for awhile now, with a reputation for serving good coffee and recently, brunch. Heard there’s always a steady stream of customers, which proved to be true as seats were all taken. We got a table in the open air “backyard” section, no sofa seats, but cosy in its own way. Get orders at the counter, grab some self-serve water at the bar and settle in while waiting for your food to be served.


Latte (Large) $7. When I hear a place has good coffee, I will always order hot coffee because I think it will be a better judge? Maybe its the higher expectations, but I personally didn’t think well of the latte. Too milky and lacking in coffee taste for my liking.20110831-035605.jpg

My friend had a Cappucino (Large) $7. Pretty.20110831-035627.jpg

Truffle Fries $8. Arrived piping hot with a hint of smokiness from the truffle oil, they were pretty decent. Portions are also bigger than Skinny Pizza’s. Happily chomping away while my friend had her brunch+dinner Eggs Benedict $12.



Love the wooden waiting number “stick”!


The late friend who had to work on a Sunday (ahh) had the Big Breakfast $18. Pinched some of her eggs, creamy goodness. The set also comes with mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and sausages. She was surprised that the sausage was spicy and insisted we all try it as it was really quite spicy, which I agree. I like how they serve pita here, instead of the usual toast but after some research I saw toast on other food blogs? Either they ran out of bread or they change it occasionally I guess!

We were talking about those metal pans the food was served in, how convenient it was to be retro, non-breakable and if chipped, can claim that its vintage all at the same time hahah.


Carrot Cake $5.50? Had a bite, not memorable. My friend practically picked at the entire cake after this, leaving a plate of carrot cake chunks.

Wanted to pop over to Books Actually opposite but it was already closed! Went to their neighbour STRANGELETS, selling accessories and knick-knacks and…Popaganda Popsicles!



My eyes were attracted by this colourful poster and my sweet tooth to the interesting flavours. Lychee Beet, Watermelon Kiwi, Avocado with Chocolate (in a popsicle mind you! Not ice cream!) were some but the shop only stocks certain flavours. The shop assistant recommended Pure Coconut and Mixed Berries $4, as their best seller and told me they are made from purely fruit and organic so I got one mixed berries to try. I always prefer ice cream over popsicles, but I was pretty fascinated with them that day, having first interaction with this brand and oh there was also this force pulling me to the cute fridge to check them out, ah hmm.


Not too sweet, the popsicle has this appealing thick texture that will hardly remind you of a popsicle in a blind taste test. It’s more like a, frozen berry smoothie? Very nice. These pops retail at 4 places, listed on their website!

It’s been 12 years I think, since I last been to Tiong Bahru. I will always miss you. 

Forty Hands

78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12 Tiong Bahru

Popaganda Pops

Retailing at STRANGELETS, 7 Yong Siak Street


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