Chikuwa Tei

Heard so much about Chikuwa Tei, from it’s former Wasabi Tei food nazi days to their current bigger restaurant at Mohamed Sultan road that I’ve yet to visit. So when my friend turned out to be the nephew of the infamous chef and suggested dinner there one gathering, I had to go take a look myself.

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Hup Choon Cze Char

I love Cze Char, because they can probably whip you up just about anything chinese! I usually just go to neighborhood ones near my place though and have never really taken note of famous ones other than Melbourne seafood for their crabs. So when my friend told me there is a famous Cze Char 5 mins from my work place, I must try it. It was so good we went back again within a week, so the food below is from 2 dinners!


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Pete’s Place


A dinner treat from friends brought me to visit Pete’s Place sooner than I expected. Situated at the basement “hole” of Hyatt Hotel, you can only access it down a flight of stairs on the left side. With it’s rustic decor of red bricks, dark wood, terra cotta tiles and feeling of being in a big homely cellar, the setting felt very cosy and romantic.

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15 minutes


Nestled within the gorgeous LaSalle campus is the equally lovely 15 minutes, a cafe that caters as a canteen for the students as well. With floor to ceiling windows on one side, the cafe’s lower bar level is bathed in natural light. I love this section! The high ceilings, the light steaming in, the overall spaciousness…I could stay here all day.

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Macs Horlicks McFlurry



Not very good to be doing another Macs post so soon after the Supreme post but I just wanted to put this up before Horlicks McFlurry is discontinued or something.

It’s been AGES since my last McFlurry, like 5 years or more. Armed with their 1 for 1 e-coupon ($2.70 for 1 originally), I shared the deal with a friend. It’s basically macs ice cream + Horlicks powder + crunchy malt bits that we can’t determine if it’s made from Horlicks. The malt bits were nice to bite into but you need to mix more yourself to get it to spread out. Got a little too sweet and tired of the taste after awhile and didn’t finish it. Do what my friend did and just finish up the malt bits!