Greenwood Fish Market & Lana Cake Shop

My go-to Fish & Chips restaurant has always been (and always will be) Fish & Co. Don’t judge me, my ah gong love it and their calamari is awesome!

Before I started working in the West, I’ve heard of Greenwood Fish Market’s famous Fish & Chips but had never bothered to head down for a try. I didn’t even know exactly where was Greenwood Avenue! It’s behind Nanyang Girls and National JC by the way for any Westie noobs like me. So one lunchtime, I went exploring, with the intention to take away that famous Fish & Chips for lunch.





Their take away menu is much cheaper by about 50%!! If the standard fish&chips is not what you want, you can also go for Special Fish & Chips where you buy a fillet of other fish from their market next door and top up $6.95 from the price of the fillet for them to cook it for you.


Fish & Chips, $9.50 take away. This came in a big brown paper bag and while I was asked to return in 15mins, the waiter was kind enough to bring it out when it was ready and find me along the row of shops I was browsing. They always forget to give cutlery though so remember to ask if you need it!

2 big pieces of fish on a bed of fries and I went straight for the plump straight cut fries, munching like an addict as they were nicely hot and crispy. The fish was fresh, but I found the batter to be bland, giving me less incentive to eat it? I generally prefer breaded to battered too as to me battered seem oilier and always separates from the fish when cut?


Sadly, I discovered a hair in the batter. The manager was very nice though, and offered to replace another Fish & Chips for me the next time I visit them.



I was also there to pick up a Lana Chocolate Cake 800g, $36 + $1 for message for my boyfriend’s mum birthday. I love being in the shop! The heavenly chocolate smell just envelopes you. Their chocolate cake is pretty famous, and it was included in Straits Times top 50 cakes article in 2008. Please note that they only accept cash and their service is those no-nonsense chop chop type so don’t expect much!


Moist rich chocolate sponge, with a thin layer of fudge, what’s not to love? Personally, I like it also because the fudge layer wasn’t thick. Not a fan of thick frosting layers!

Greenwood ave is worth checking out, with quite a variety of restaurants there. The newest kid on the block is Othello, a casual Italian restaurant bar I think. I’ll be back during dinner time soon!

Greenwood Fish Bistro

34 Greenwood Avenue

6467 4950
Open Weekdays 11am-10:30pm
Lana Cake Shop
36 Greenwood Avenue
6466 8940

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