Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

I’ve never been to Old Airport Road Hawker Center before. This shocked my boyfriend enough to have him drag me down one day after work for dinner.

Many of the famous stalls like kueh chap, lor mee were all closed sadly but Lao Ban was open and boy the queue was so long we didn’t want to attempt it. Halfway during dinner, we saw the whole queue shift to another of their outlet in the next row because they are sold out in the first stall. Quite comical. It’s been around for a long time, not sure why the sudden craze with Lao Ban. Guess I can’t really know without tasting it and the time is now!


The queue looked much more reasonable after dinner at their second stall (10mins wait) so we joined in. I wanted to try Almond but only Original was left. Saw people taking away like 30 boxes o.o



Original Beancurd, only chilled ones, $1.50. This is seriously more like soya pudding so don’t expect tau huey like I sort of did. It was sweet, really soft and wobbly but I honestly won’t have cravings or brave long queues for it. Dad has issues with the film layer on top, saying it shouldn’t be there. I read online that some people has this misconception that its healthier than tau huey because it doesn’t have the sugar syrup? DON’T KID YOURSELF, the sugar is all worked in already.  Doesn’t explain the hype about it after eating it really. In fact, it made my whole family crave for real tau huey hahah.

The boyfriend keep saying $1.50 is expensive for “tau huey” since the market near his place only sells it for 70cents. According to his logic, $1.50 Lao Ban gives less than half the amount of 70c tau huey, so Lao Ban is at least 4 times more expensive (and not as nice) compared to market tau huey. So to prove his point, he bought me 2 x 70cents worth of tau huey from the market. Super funny.


Thrown in a mooncake for you guys to gauge size, big enough that I had a packet for lunch. Market tau huey for the win!

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

51 Old Airport Road

#01-127 Old Airport Road Food Center


2 thoughts on “Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

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  2. I will stick to Rochor Beancurd House Beancurd Pudding, at least they r honest to tell us is pudding.

    I still prefer traditional beancurd but over their stall i get to eat traditional side dishes like youtiao to go with my tau huay zui.

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