Medz is a pretty new Mediterranean restaurant at Orchard Central that operates like Marche, every guest is given a card to charge their purchases with in the restaurant. DBS had a 25% off promotion in August so trooped down with some friends to check this place out. More friends = More food!

Instead of choosing your seats, they will bring you to a table and subsequently a pebble with “In Use” written on it will be placed on your table. They really should consider using more refined methods like a card stand or something.





The stalls are all categorized by countries and the cuisine they sell, pretty cute! There’s Spain, France, Italy and Greece to name some. There’s also an extensive selection of foreign beers and best of all? 1 for 1 on all beers people!



Most stalls give you this buzzer thingy after you order that will vibrate when your order is ready. I had a Fish & Mushroom Calzone $8, from the Greece station, which confused me because aren’t they Italian and like a folded pizza? Anyway googled “Calzone Greek” and nothing much came up. They had one on display, can’t say I didn’t know what I was getting into. Taste-wise, its like a opened ended cripsy popiah that was stuffed with fish and mushrooms? Didn’t eat it with the tomato sauce given (not a fan of tomatoes) maybe that’s why it tasted a little dry. SImple dish with simple fish and earthy mushroom flavors. I went for a simple dish because I was eyeing desserts, which looked good and are not expensive!

Me and my friend wanted to try the Duck Confit which was very cheap at $12 but the duck legs we saw that day looked really tiny so we decided to give it a miss.


My friend’s smooth Mushroom Soup, $4.


Chicken Hotplate aka best decision of the night, $9.90 from Turkey station. I forgot the name but this was not the normal chicken version! They have 3 types, normal chicken ($8.90), chicken with mushroom and cheese ($9.90) and the one we ordered, it has a L word in the name! Hotplate chicken in a sourish tomato base with bread pieces similar to croutons. The seasoning was good and there’s quite a lot of meat!


Pan Fried Dory, $14? One of my friends is in love with the mashed potatoes.


Chicken Paella, $12 from Spain station. The consensus was that it tasted better than Marche’s, bigger portions too. The chicken was a little dry though.


Beef & Lamb Hotplate, $9.90? and Rice $3. This was good too, though a friend found the lamb taste a little overwhelming. Rice was a rip-off though in my opinion.


Thin crust Beef Salami Pizza from Italy station.


Chocolate Fondant, $3.80 with additional Vanilla Ice Cream, $4.50. I saw the price tag for the fondant to be $3 but somehow my friend came back and said it was $3.80? We were all surprised to find the ice cream to be more expensive than the fondant, as giant as the scoop may be, but it’s a must add-on since we all agreed it’s nicer to eat with ice cream. Maybe a slight discount for customers ordering with other desserts like the fondant or bread pudding?? The fondant could have been more gooey in the middle too but at $3.80, I have no complains.

All in all, not a too crowded place in town with plenty of variety for everyone. Even without their opening and credit card promotions, prices are still reasonable.


181 Orchard Road
#B2-01/02 Orchard Central

6238 9028

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am-11pm


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