Wadori Yakitori & Fiesta Dorayaki @ NEX

NEX should be called a food mall instead with so many food choices, including 2 food courts. The favorite family food haunt there is Wadori, a small stall with a small seating area tucked away inside Shokutsu 10, cluster of Jap eateries at the end of B1.


Like Tori-Q, Wadori sells Yakitori and bentos. There’s initially a larger variety compared to Tori-Q, with more grilled and tempura items but unfortunately they seem to have altered their menu since my last visit and removed some items, mostly the tempura items. Although it’s slightly more expensive, I think Wadori’s offerings taste better, especially the stuffed pork rolls with mushrooms, asparagus etc.

Wadori is under the RE&S group, which also manages other Japnese restaurants and stalls like Kushin Bo, Ichiban, Kuriya, Fiesta, Shimbashi, Green Pumpkin etc.


Pork with Golden Mushrooms, Pork with Asparagus and Pork with Cherry Tomato (furthest in background), $1.50-1.80? My mum adores the pork with cherry tomato skewer but its no longer on the menu. You can still find it at other kushiyaki places like Shin Kushiya.


Sliced Pumpkin Tempura, $1. Another of mum’s favourites but it’s also not in the new menu anymore! That’s a pity because I don’t see pumpkin tempura very often? If you guys know where I can satisfy her pumpkin craving please let me know!

Directly opposite Wadori is a stall that sells fresh made dorayakis, doraemon’s favourite snack! I love fresh made dorayakis! Totally reminds me of Tokyo, Asakusa specifically! Before I discovered this place, I buy them from Four Leaves but I recently also discovered a place in Bishan beside the bus terminal that makes them fresh, will try that soon! I prefer traditional Azuki fillings compared to modern fillings like ice cream. I can’t find the English name but their dorayakis are branded with “Fiesta” so I guess there’s that.



Lots of choices, from sweet to savoury, hot to cold and flavoured creams. From $1.20 to $1.80.


Love watching them cook the dorayaki and was rather surprised to see them torch one of the sides with a blow torch before flipping the pancake over. Not sure what it does to the texture of the pancake but it did provide a mini show for the waiting people! She brands the pancake with the fiesta cow after flipping.



The azuki filling is not overly sweet, the pancakes are a little on the dry side but I still enjoyed eating it! I maybe a little biased when I say I like it because I like the fact that it’s freshly made hur. Highly recommend the yakitori though!

Wadori Yakitori & Fiesta Dorayaki

Inside Shokutsu 10, B1-K1/02/03/04/78/79/80 @ NEX


2 thoughts on “Wadori Yakitori & Fiesta Dorayaki @ NEX

    • Hi Bright, I am sorry that I am not sure how you can get hold of the contact for Wadori’s owner, maybe by asking directly at the shop? They have outlets at NEX and Jurong Point.

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