The Hand Burger


On one of the rare days I get to eat lunch in town, I eagerly marched towards 313 Somerset because I remember the great lunch set at The Hand Burger, which was $8.90++ for choice of a burger, side and drink from the lunch menu. I was pretty disappointed to find out that they changed their Lunch Set Special to something like Subway, a certain burger for each day of the week + side + drink for $14.80++ instead. I was ready to walk away, and leave my Chicken Caesar burger craving unsatisfied when I spied that the burger of the day was the Duck Confit Burger (Thurs) which sounded interesting enough and got myself seated. The place was pretty empty on a Thursday afternoon.




Love the cheery menu! I like to read menus a lot by the way, and some places their menus are a joy to read.



Ice Lemon Tea that’s part of the lunch set. The waitress serving me was very nice, served water to me without me asking.


Duck Confit Burger and Fries came served in their cute custom tray.


The burger was heaped with leafy lettuce, confit, baby sprouts and mandarin orange segments that added that bright bit of colour. The skin on the confit failed to meet my crispy expectations, being limp and pretty fatty with little charred spots. On the plus side, the meat was soft and wasn’t salty. Personally, I would have liked the orange sauce to be a wee bit thinner in texture but taste wise, it matched the meat pretty ok.


Crispy and sexy with some potato skin showing. Dusted with paprika, these are plain addictive! They used to serve it with grease paper though.


My “Fanatics” loyalty card, you earn redemption points off your bill. The final bill came up to around $17, which is much more compared to their previous lunch set but still cheaper than if you were to order a la carte. Let’s see if I get to come back on a Tuesday for my Chicken Caesar Burger!

The Hand Burger

313 @ Somerset

6509 6214


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