Itacho Sushi

If you have always wondered why the queue at Itacho Sushi (especially the ion outlet) never eases up, even at like 3pm, its because they know what they are doing. Prices are slightly on the high side but the food is fresh, made on the spot and taste generally good. I’ve managed to visit it twice before I can post about the first visit, once at ion, once at plaza sing. that I’m combining the posts.


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Salmon Sashimi ($3.60, 3 slices). Nothing to start of the meal with sashimi! Though mum always like us to eat some cooked food first before subjecting our stomach to raw food. There was something about the way the salmon was cut that day that bothered me, see the uneven lines? Not as nice to the bite.


Salmon Sweet Roll, $4 and Salmon Lobster Salad Roll, $3.20. I don’t like their lobster salad and somehow I keep forgetting that and will order it again on the next visit only to be irritated again. There is a strong wasabi like taste in their lobster salad, and I don’t eat wasabi! Because the salmon lobster sald roll in featured on the discount menu (itacho has this discount menu featuring various items which they change periodically) this is better value compared to the Lobster Salad warship sushi at $2 each.


Chawamushi with crabmeat, $4.20.


Deep Fried Shrimp, $3.60. Thought this was ebi fry and ordered it but I was wrong. Wasn’t very nice, shrimp was a little tough.


Unagi Sushi, $2.50 each.


Seafood Salad Inari, $1.90 and Tuna Salad, $1.10. I love the seafood salad inari! Not sure what really goes into the seafood salad though other than tuna and crab meat.









Mum loves their Avocado Crabmeat Salad, $6.50? Smoked Duck Sushi, $1.50?









Roasted Salmon Sushi was gorgeous! Love this kind of half roasted sushis, they have roasted scallop, tuna etc. gives you a different kind of texture. Scallop Sushi was ordered to replace the jumbo scallop sushi that we so badly wanted to try, but they always don’t seem to have it all the times I’ve been there! Anyone knows which day the seafood comes in at Itacho??







Shrimp Tempura $5 and Avocado & Soft Shell Crab Maki. I wish jap restaurants don’t add mayo to their sushis so often…









Tamago with Shrimp, $3.80? Sweet egg with bits of shrimp!

If you can get past the queues, it’s worth coming here for a meal sometimes. I will continue trying for my jumbo scallop!

Itacho Sushi 

2 Orchard Turn, #B2-18 ION Orchard

6509 8911

Opening Hours

Sun–Thu: 11am – 10pm

Fri–Sat: 11am – 11pm


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