15 minutes


Nestled within the gorgeous LaSalle campus is the equally lovely 15 minutes, a cafe that caters as a canteen for the students as well. With floor to ceiling windows on one side, the cafe’s lower bar level is bathed in natural light. I love this section! The high ceilings, the light steaming in, the overall spaciousness…I could stay here all day.




Situated on the upper level is the kitchen and ordering counter, but the seats are not as comfy, canteen style. I’m a little confused as to whether it’s self service or table service because while there were people heading to the counter, ordered and given the buzzer thingy (below) to collect their food when it was ready, there was also people who were given menus and waiters taking their orders. Maybe table service starts in the evening?



Menu at the counter. I wanted to have their chicken avocado linguine which I had and liked previously but it was not on the menu?? They still have quite a selection of drinks (one whole board) sides salads mains pastas pizza and desserts.


Ice Lemon Tea ($1.90), Iced Latte ($3.50) and Strawberry Smoothie ($3.80). Like that the latte didn’t lose the coffee taste to milk and the thick smoothie!


$5 for all house pours, house wines & 1/2 pint beers!


Garlic Bread, $3.50, think they use foccacia.


I had Prawn Aglio Olio, $9.50. Wasn’t too spicy with slivers of onions, nice prawns but the pasta was undercooked, quite hard to the bite. I want my chicken avocado pasta!


Fish & Chips, $9.90. Heard their fish & chips were supposed to be pretty good but I wasn’t impressed. 3 small pieces of fish that looked over-fried. I think the fish was a little on the salty side.


Why do people put mayo on everything?? That aside, this Mushroom Pizza, $8.50 was probably the best order of the night. Thin crust with plenty of mushrooms!

Ending this post with a shot of their name card instead of the usual listing!



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