Hup Choon Cze Char

I love Cze Char, because they can probably whip you up just about anything chinese! I usually just go to neighborhood ones near my place though and have never really taken note of famous ones other than Melbourne seafood for their crabs. So when my friend told me there is a famous Cze Char 5 mins from my work place, I must try it. It was so good we went back again within a week, so the food below is from 2 dinners!


Sweet & Sour Pork. This was so good, we had it on both occasions. More meat than flour, and glazed with slightly sweet sauce. I get a little horrified with orange artificial looking sweet and sour pork from some stalls but this is nothing to worry about.


Prawn Paste Chicken Wings. These mid section wings were big, plump and easy to bite as it wasn’t fried till it’s hard. Crispy skin and moist chicken but I personally don’t really taste the prawn paste. My colleague though, who is a huge fan of prawn paste chicken, said she had tried many places and this is one of the best she’s had. So, I guess you can trust her, over me at least, since I’m the amateur.


Stir fried Spinach with lots of garlic.


Cashew Chicken on the second dinner, thought this was ordinary.


Hotplate Tofu, requested without prawns. Theirs have a lot of egg, but eggs were a little too well done I thought.

We also had Butter Squid and Stir Fried Baby Kai Lan that I didn’t manage to get a picture of. I thought the squid was a little bland, and the veggies had lots of garlic as usual, which you will eat more of compared to spinach since more gets caught on kai lan leaves.

Like most Cze Chars they operate from the evenings, the coffeeshop sells veggie rice, bak ku teh and char siew siow bak rice during lunch. It was pretty packed both nights I was there. If you are around the area, it’s worth a try for as a contender for your dinner! Must eat sweet and sour pork if you go!

Hup Choon Eating HouseĀ 

1 Binjai Park

Singapore 589818



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