Chikuwa Tei

Heard so much about Chikuwa Tei, from it’s former Wasabi Tei food nazi days to their current bigger restaurant at Mohamed Sultan road that I’ve yet to visit. So when my friend turned out to be the nephew of the infamous chef and suggested dinner there one gathering, I had to go take a look myself.






My hungry stomach protested against the lateness of most of my friends and I had a Salmon Handroll ($4) during the wait. I’m not sure if it’s because the seaweed is wrapped pretty tightly, because the Handroll looks smaller compared to normal handrolls. Just something to fight those hunger pangs. If only my other friend had picked food over beer while waiting, I would have very much liked to try their sushis!


Complimentary Stewed Seaweed and Chicken Starter, sweetish.


Fresh and thickly sliced sashimi moriwase ($38?) There’s added scallop!



My friend’s Chirashi Dons ($24?) that Chikuwa Tei is famous for. There will be 4 items, salmon, tuna, swordtail and one picked by the chef according to the day’s options. If you don’t eat a particular item, you can request for a change.


Cod Hot Pot Set ($24). Don’t underestimate that pot, its huge.



Chawanmushi ($5) that is full of ingredients like mushrooms and prawn. Liked this quite a bit. My Tempura Soba ($12), tasted pretty normal to me.


Goma ice cream! Never say no to ice cream yup.

I do agree that their sashimi is pretty satisfying, but I probably won’t go all the way to Mohamed Sultan just for them, or maybe it’s my choice of food. I’ll much rather head over to Robertson Quay if I’m in area, with the nice view, relaxing vibe and range of dinner choices.

Chikuwa Tei

9 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238959
6738 9395
Open Weekdays 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

3 thoughts on “Chikuwa Tei

  1. the famous Exec Chef had long left Chikuwa Tei Japanese Restaurant since end Feb 2012. went back once to try out the standard and of course everything changed from food quality to services. my friends and i don’t bother to return after tasting such lousy food. total disappointment. hope to see the Exec Chef back in action soon so that everyone of us can enjoy great and quality food!

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