Riche Beans & Mr Avocado



Singapore must be a island of food fads and I think the latest one to hit us is tau hway that’s more similar to Beancurd pudding. I’ve previously wrote about Lao Ban, the famous old airport road beancurd which my family isn’t fond of. While around queensway, mum bought back Riche Beans, because she saw a “handmade” sign. Ahh the effects of marketing.

I’m surprised to say that their Original Beancurd, $1.50 (they have almond flavor too) is actually quite good! Sweet and soft, it’s a little firmer compared to Lao Ban’s but that suited us better because that reminded us more of tau hway. Maybe it’s because it has a stronger soya beany taste while I thought Lao Ban’s was a little thin on soya bean taste. I was also just afraid Lao Ban’s would turn into liquid any minute type but just enjoyed Riche’s. Riche Beans version also didn’t have that thin film of soy on top, plus point! Certainly a good choice if you are in the west.


Avocado juice from Mr Avocado, $2.50. One of my all time favorites, creamy sweet green goodness. Maybe because they don’t blend with ice, it’s a lot smoother than others I’ve tried. Their Durian juice, $2.50 is very good too, though I find it a little jelat when I get near to finishing.

And there’s my picks for Alexandra Food Village!


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