Ambush is a relatively new restaurant at junction 8, which I believe is trying to introduce more F&B choices by turning previously retail spaces to F&B outlets. A casual european dining (is there really such a term?) option, Ambush’s menu is pretty extensive, serving up the likes of Spanish, Italian, German etc dishes. I heard it enjoys a good dinner crowd, but it was pretty empty when I was there for lunch one Saturday.





Menu and Interior.


Ambush Paella, $13.80. Was a little surprised to see it more like a risotto since the rice is so wet instead of the usual drier paella rice. The flavor is also heavy on tomato instead of saffron. If you look pass it’s paella label though, its actually a pretty good dish. The toppings, which include mussels, scallop, prawns and sausage were plentiful, the rice retained its bite and the tomato flavor wasn’t overpowering.


Cod Fillet Pasta with Green Pesto and Pine Nuts, $14.50. This was strangely more like a light cream based pasta instead of pesto? Nice to see they roasted the pine nuts though.

Thinking about it, there isn’t much options for western in Junction 8 if you leave out fast food and the food court. There was only Swenson’s and Pizza Hut. Ambush, with their wide range of menu options and mid-range pricing is a welcome addition at least. And this is coming from a girl who has lived in Bishan her entire life.


Junction 8 Shopping Center


6353 3960


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