Crystal Jade Kitchen

Crystal Jade (CJ) probably needs little introduction, our home grown chain of restaurants that has both upmarket and mid range Chinese eateries as well as specialty outlets such as Crystal Jade Korean ginseng chicken (which I personally like a lot for their ginseng chicken soup) as well as La Mian Xiao Long Bao. I used to like CJ a lot for their congee, noodles and dim sum, but that was probably 4 years ago. Before their menu shrank and Imperial Treasure caught up and over took them in terms of service and food. Nonetheless, it’s still a fairly consistent restaurant and more convenient due to more outlets. Their ongoing double deal promo interested us so we settled for dinner there one night.



Our standard orders of Beef Congee and Ee-Fu Noodles. Congee nice and smooth as usual, but I was disappointed when they replaced the you tiao pieces with the current pok pok instead.

There are four dishes included in CJ’s Double Deal promo, shark’s fin, stewed duck casserole, steamed fish and sea cucumber. Pick a combination of any 2 dishes and you can pay $1 for one additional dish from another list of 4 dishes, which I forgot to note down heh. The price range from $20+ to $30+, depending on which combination you take.



After arguing we decided on the Shark’s Fin and Stewed Duck Casserole. The shark’s fin pot was filled with starchy soup that wasn’t too salty thank god, with some small fins. Maybe its the disproportion of soup versus things to chew, I felt like it took forever to finish my bowl. The Stewed Duck however, was a newly discovered gem. It took a long time to be served, but you can smell it coming. Also, it may look like a small dish but there was quite a lot to go around 4 of us. The duck was tender, accompanied by powdery yam slices and flavorsome gravy that while may be too salty on its own, was fabulous with the congee.


Our accompanying $1 Salted Egg Yolk Prawns that we were so excited to try was pretty disappointing. Firstly, we felt cheated because half the plate was salted egg yolk pumpkin cubes instead of prawns. Secondly, it was a little on the oily side. Well, maybe you get what you pay for.

The crowd at Crystal Jade is heavy during dinner time, so get there early or expect to wait for a table. I got there after 8 on a weekday this occasion and the crowd wasn’t so bad, waited 10 minutes.

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Junction 8


6255 6366


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