Bella Pizza


The Robertson Quay area is my new dining obsession. And first up is Bella Pizza! Heard some good things about them, was hoping that the effort taken to travel to Robertson Quay will be dutifully rewarded at dinner.

Scenic waterfront and apartment buildings, lots of good dining options, the occasional runner with a dog all contributes to the riverside charm. It’s crowded definitely, but not overly so that it irritates people. I used to think that Robertson Quay is very inaccessible, but its actually pretty easy to get to from town, making it a good escape option.


Boyfriend: The entire kitchen is made up of Indian staff, what happened to Italians?

Me: Ummmmm…. (Trust him to notice something like this.)

According to their website, Bella Pizza serves “Authentic Italian Pizza by True-Blue Neapolitan Chef” which is Chef Antonio, who may be at Bella Pasta located a few units down for all you know. I wasn’t exactly worried about how my food will turn out but I was slightly bothered with their service staff. Once seated, we were handed menus and asked for our drink orders. I told her to give me some time and 2 minutes later, she was back asking for my order. She came back a third time after 5 minutes, and I told her finally that we will ask for her when we are ready to order. In any case, since it was our first time there, we needed more time to look through the menu!

We got a Pizza Boscaiola, $23 (below) which had tomato, mozarella, porcini mushrooms and Italian sausage to share and asked for ice water. Our same waitress promptly asked “Still or Sparking?” which I hate because I think its a trap, and coupled with the previous irritation, I tensely replied we want normal ice water. So people, avoid all this by asking for normal ice water straight.



Condiments that came with the pizza.

There is only one standard size for pizzas on the menu (8 slices) and it came looking all gorgeously thin crusted with little bumps of sausage. Taste wise, I like the balance between the tomato sauce and mozzarella, but on the whole I found the mix to be too wet. My ingredients was sliding off my pizza crust. It’s probably subjective, since my boyfriend had no issues with it and was very happy because he terms it as moist, which he would rather have instead of dry pizza in his opinion. The mushrooms and Italian sausage added bite and salty flavors too, though I found the sausage texture to be more like little meatballs.

Pasta and other starters, sides and mains are also available at Bella Pizza, the same goes for Bella Pasta, pizza is available there too. Their prices for pastas are about the same as pizzas so eh, I would rather get the pizza. I can imagine that their pizza would be much better if it wasn’t so wet but for now, I stillĀ prefer Da Paolo Pizza Bar!

Bella Pizza

30 Robertson Quay, #01-14 Riverside View, Singapore 238251

6734 0139


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