Pepper Lunch


This is easily my first meal at Pepper Lunch in maybe 5 years? When Pepper Lunch first came to Singapore, it was very fun. Cooking your own meat, drowning everything in their famous garlic soy sauce and honey brown sauce, shaking the salads etc. Then the high prices and smelling like a teppanyaki chef part got old very quickly, at least for me.

It wasn’t the original plan, we were walking to Mos at Isetan actually but as we passed by Pepper Lunch, with its new menu, sudden pang of nostalgia and me wanting to try their soft serve that I just heard good stuff about that afternoon, we found ourselves joining the queue alamak. Their business was good, I had to wait for 20mins for a table?


Their new menu, with pastas and curry rice now! Had a hard time choosing between those and beef sukiyaki. You have to order at the counter before they allocate you a table, so I was stuck at the counter for awhile when there was no tables available.


The famous sauces.


I had the Beef Sukiyaki + Meal (drink + 1 side), $13.90 + $2. I didn’t expect the rice since the sukiyaki had udon and also not used to seeing the broth served separate? I’m supposed to cook everything before pouring the broth in and there’s cabbage, long beans, mushroom, egg and wagyu beef slices as well. Needed a square of tofu to round it up! The beef slices were generous and good, a little rubbery near the end though. I personally felt the broth was a tad sweet, but hey it’s sukiyaki. The portion of udon is little, enough for me but the guys probably will want the bowl of rice.



Wagyu Beef and Hamburger Steak Set, $13.90 but since it’s promo week, comes with free meal!


Passion Fruit and Kuromitsu (caramel) Soft Serve, got it with the meal set, its $1.70 a la carte. Oh my god I’m totally in love with this, this is so much better than Macs! The soft serve3 itself was creamy and dense, and it didn’t melt fast. Paired with the sweet syrupy kuromitsu (which literally means black syrup, but Pepper Lunch calls it caramel) and some kinako, soybean flour, I would go come back just to buy this sundae. For citrus lovers, passion fruit tasted fresh and tangy. Heard the matcha used to be bad, but apparently it’s “improved” with the new menu, someone go try it please! I may not be able to let go of my kuromitsu.

In recent years, probably the company’s strategy, you hardly see much actual Pepper Lunch outlets anymore but instead there are more and more Pepper Lunch Express outlets at food courts. When I was trying to think of their locations, I could only list this outlet at Isetan.

Pepper Lunch

Isetan Scotts

350 Orchard Road

Basement level Shaw House


Hours: 11am – 10pm


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