Wine Connection Deli & Bistro


Wine Connection has always struck me as a pub, and one that expats like to frequent, judging by their evening crowd. So to my amazement one Friday night, I discovered it is actually so much more! It’s a casual bistro that serve a small menu of simple western mains, pastas and desserts, a wine shop, and cheese specialty shop all rolled into 2 adjacent shop spaces at Robertson Walk.



They also sell gourmet olive oils, balsamic vinegars, crackers, sauces etc


The BBQ-like thing that caught our attention. It’s for their cheese buffet, where I think for $29.90 you get free flow breads, cheeses, salad and some cold cuts? You melt the cheese in the pans and can toast the other foods I think. Not very sure as this is not my kind of thing, but advance booking is needed and minimum 4 pax!


Complimentary bread but you have to ask for it.

Their wines are pretty cheap, if I didn’t remember wrongly, I spotted some choices at $7 per glass? Totally explains the crowd. Too bad we weren’t in a drinking mood, can definitely come back for that though!


Beef Cheek Fettucine, $15+. Tender shreds of braised beef cheek was flavorful but on the whole the dish was normal. I found the fettucine to be thicker than usual, which took more effort to eat but got used to it gradually. Much prefer the beef cheek tagliatelle from Oriole!


Lamb Shank Pasta, $15+. We found a hair in the pasta when it was served and they changed it for us promptly. The lamb was nice second time round, but it tasted a little too gamey for me. Preferred the penne over my fettucine!


Tiramisu, $5. We got to chose a dessert, compliments from the chef for the hair incident. The waitress recommended their cheesecake, which on hindsight we should have followed her recommendations because they are a cheese specialty store? The sponge fingers in the tiramisu were a little dry, with some mild rum at the bottom of the cup.

Simple cosy dinner but I believe you can get better food for the same price in the Robertson Quay area. With all other options before me, I probably will not return for food alone, but it’s a different thing all together with wine 😉

Wine Connection Deli & Bistro

11 Unity Street
#01-05/06 Robertson Walk

6238 6878


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