Morton’s Bar


I don’t understand why I wasn’t smart enough to have visited Morton’s Bar more when I was a student, I’ve known about their happy hour deal for the longest time. Free steak sandwiches with every order of a martini, 5-7pm, monday to friday! Instead, I go when I’ve started work, on a rare half day. Life is funny.

I apologize for bad photos, the bar’s atmosphere was very good with mood lighting, but not very good for photos and my harsh flash from iPhone. The bar isn’t big, but very elegantly decorated with dark woods and plush leather armchairs.




Appletini, $12.90++ during happy hour. Rimmed with cinnamon, looking a pretty fresh green. I like that the alcohol is on the strong side and the taste wasn’t syrupy sweet like some other appletinis. Nice!


Classic Martini (vodka), $12.90++. Very strong this one.


Steak sandwiches! The waitresses bring them out periodically on big platters. The sandwiches are roughly the width of 2 fingers, served with a thin spread of mustard mayo and slightly medium well done beef. Look at the beautiful grill marks on the beef! Heard people asking for special requests like no mayo but I’m not very sure if those people actually ordered the sandwiches off the menu (which is $20 for 4 by the way) or if that applies to the free ones as well.

Definitely a good happy hour deal, but do try to get there early as the bar is actually pretty small and the crowd packs in around 530!

Morton’s Bar

5 Raffles Avenue
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore 039797
6338 0066


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