The Orange Thimble


“Art Cafe” is the first word that greet you when you turn into The Orange Thimble’s corridor. Dubbed as a place where art meets cafe, I was looking forward to see how the cafe is done up.





The cheery front area…



…semi alfresco rustic backyard…


…and the cosy middle area, where I chose to curl up and ignore the world on a Wednesday afternoon. Pretty empty at that time, so I had my pick ^^ The cafe is a lot bigger and more modern than I imagined! The middle section looks totally renovated-homey for instance. Compared to Forty Hands, which is in the same estate, I definitely prefer The Orange Thimble in terms of air condition, comfort and overall vibe.


Before that can happen, I have to get my accomplice. Love the coffee roadmap, because I sometimes forget what makes up the different kinds of coffee. Usually they give you this buzzer thing for food collection but I hung around the counter for the barista and chatted with whom I think is the owner? Nice guy!


Cant find the price for ice creams, but I spotted lychee martini, mango etc. They serve them in old school bowls with the chicken print, adorable. Many cafes seem to be taking the retro route, but we Singaporeans can’t seem to get enough of it.


The Orange Thimble started out as a coffee place but they also serve some simple sandwiches, cakes, brunch food and hot items now. Was tempted to get an almond croissant but resisted as it’s nearing dinner. Me 1, Food 0.


Cutlery and free ice water. Their dessert display fridge is to the left where you can find some cakes and tiramisu too if I didn’t remember wrongly.


Large Mocha, $6. Smooth, chocolate infused coffee where I can still taste the coffee! Love the gems biscuit on the side. In terms of coffee, I prefer this over Forty Hands as well.

Really love the set up of the place and there wasn’t much people so I took quite a few pictures.






Many photographs and paintings are displayed in the cafe. This one here looks like it might just be Tiong Bahru! I miss the childhood times in this estate…


Additional nook of a corner before the backyard area. Wish I had a book with me that day, could have stayed in my corner for ages. I’m sure its not as quiet here on the usual weekends.

Not that this started out as a comparison post but since they are all in the same estate and have similar food offerings, the conclusion is The Orange Thimble > Forty Hands for me. TOT wins on ambience and coffee while FH wins on truffle fries. Next up will be to check out Drips Bakery Cafe, which is located just on the neighbouring Tiong Poh street to The Orange Thimble!

Read about my second visit.

The Orange Thimble



6 thoughts on “The Orange Thimble

  1. your coffee looks good. you should have seen mine- total disappointment! The coffee art was skewed and even the friend who is a caffeine-nut had difficulties finishing.

    Savoury sandwiches were nothing fancy but their durian ice-cream was goood. Rich and creamy 😀

    Please visit drips for their tarts! Had the cherry brandy one and it was so satisfying.

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