Salted Caramel


Everyone has a weakness, and mine happens to be ice cream.

Ice cream, is my ultimate all-occasions comfort food. I have it whether I am happy, sad, angry, or when it is scorching or freezing. Have a fight with me and watch me throw in the towel when you give me ice cream. Also, I may just have a slight problem trusting you as a person if you don’t like ice cream.

Awhile back when Salted Caramel opened at Thomson we were so excited. Hooray for a good cheap ice cream cafe in the area! It is just beside the prata house and directly behind the bus stop. Prices have increased since they first started (they must have realised how cheap they have been) but to date it is still one of my favorite ice cream places.

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Coco Ichibanya


This is just going to be a short post, because I think many other food bloggers have reviewed Curry House Coco Ichibanya recently. On the whole, I wasn’t very impressed with the food. Sure, in general the curry had a lot more levels of flavors in terms of spices used in it compared to random Japanese curries, but I don’t see myself craving for their curry particularly. I do love the customization of rice and spicy levels but note that the option is not available to all items on the menu.

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Patisserie Glace


Knowledge can change a lot of things. Like how my family used to just buy any cake from nearby cake shops or ice cream cakes from Swenson’s or Haagen Daz to celebrate my birthday. But as my knowledge of nicer, better cakes grew, so did my cake appetite. So I took over the task of getting my cake last year, and got a Strawberry Souffle from Flor Patisserie for the family celebration. Brilliant decision, fabulous cake.

I took over the task this year too, and thought it might be good to do a comparison of Strawberry Souffles. Some of you may know that Chef Yamashita from Flor used to be from Patisserie Glace, so this year, I chose to go back to the ‘source’.

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Goodbye boring standard chocolate milkshake. Heeeello my own customized milkshake!

MakeShake is a new milkshake joint at City Square Mall that features customization of flavours from their long list of ‘Shake-ins’, which are toppings you can chose to be blended with your milkshakes! Categorized into chocolates, fruits, biscuits, sweets, sauces and coffee tea malt. If you can think of other ‘Shake-ins’ that will work great blended with their homemade malted vanilla ice cream base (that’s reduced in sugar yayy), they are open to suggestions as well!

Ready? It’s time to be adventurous with our milkshakes.

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Bedrock Bar and Grill


While I love beef and a good steak, I rarely have them in proper steakhouses other than Jack’s Place. So when my sister tossed me the challenge to find a good affordable steakhouse for lunch one rare weekday that both of us wasn’t working, I was stumped. Morton’s and Lawry’s was out of the question. Places where lunch ended at 2 like Les Bouchons was out because it was already 145pm and I refuse to go Outback or Astons Prime because I don’t believe that I can’t think of better options.

Bedrock Bar & Grill was on my mind but what I remembered was the prices are on the high side. A quick call resulted in the discovery of their 3 course set lunch menu in the $30s range and last order was at 230pm before closing at 3pm, perfect. So down to somerset we sped!

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