Brussels Sprouts


Third time’s the charm.

Twice I went to Brussels Sprouts Robertson Quay, got there too late, missed Mussel Madness (2 starter pots of mussels for $25, 2 main pots for $50, Mon-Thurs, 5-7pm & 10-12am) and it was packed. The third time, I made sure everything was in place before I marched in with confidence that I will get my mussels that day.

Many restaurants are offering the combination of mussels and beer now, like Food For Thought and Ambush but I believe Brussels Sprouts was one of the first establishment to offer that, along with Belgium beer (120 types in all!). For a long time, they resided at the scenic Robertson Quay but they now have another branch at Big Splash.


Their indoor area where air con is non-exsistent. There are only high tables inside so if you prefer normal tables, ask for outside seating (like in the first photo) or do make a reservation. Love the cute ‘lightbulbs’ hanging inside!

One would think that the crowd would skew towards expats but there are actually quite a fair bit of locals as well!


Ta dah, everyone loves a good deal, no? Mussel Madness is super worth it people! Normally its $18.50 and $34.50 for a starter and main portion respectively. Happy hour for drinks is till 8pm!


I was early so while waiting I got their house brew, Leffe Blonde, $8.50 during happy hour, to kickstart my mussels + beer journey. It’s a pretty smooth light beer! Leffe Brune is their dark brew. The inside seating area can be a bit stuffy so drinking ice cold beer is super satisfying. Hmmm maybe its a ploy set up by pubs and bars.

Their service here is worth a mention, really friendly staff! And quick service too, just that its a little hard to get their attention when it gets packed, but I guess that happens everywhere.


The authority on mussels, check out the list of flavors! Clear based, cream based, gratinated and even a selection of local flavors like laksa and nyonya complete with assam! There’s a choice between mussels and clams if mussels is not really your thing. I was very interested in laksa one, but I’ll leave those for my next visit.


Every order of mussels comes with free flow thick cut fries, which is good value but its not my fave cut of fries. Personally feel that thick cut fries get too ‘dry’ to eat after awhile, which was exactly the case here and I resolved that by dunking them into the mussel broth. Waste not, want not! We were starving so we requested the fries to be served first, they are usually served with the mussels.


Stella Artios, $6.50 during happy hour in the background. Starter pot of Ostendaise Mussels under the ‘cream’ section which is cooked with fish stock, lobster bisque, shrimps and mushrooms. The size of the pot is about the type of pot you usually cook maggie mee with? The main pot is more the size of a soup pot.

This order of Ostendaise is a common favorite of Brussels Sprouts diners and I can see why. The orange broth was flavorful and fragrant, a little salty on its own but perfect with mussels and fries. Dig around the bottom and you will find some sliced button mushrooms which they definitely could have been more generous with, and tiny shrimps that are probably hae bee, dried shrimps. Out of our 2 pots, I preferred this.



Vin Blanc Mussels under the ‘clear’ section, cooked with white wine, butter, celery, onion and parsley. Wanted to try one cooked with beer but was out voted. I felt the Vin Blanc broth leaned towards the strong bitter side, probably due to celery and white wine. This had a lot of other things for you to munch on though, celery and onions.

I thought that mussels and fries won’t exactly be very filling but I was so full after dinner. Brussels Sprouts may be associated with mussels and Belgium beer but they also serve other sides and mains like steak frites, duck confit, pasta and quite a variety of desserts. I’ll concentrate on the mussels though, beer based and laksa mussels next time!

Brussels Sprouts

80 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-12 The Pier @ Robertson
Singapore 239013

6887 4344



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