The Muffinry


Muffins > cupcakes I always said. Frosting is not my kind of thing, and muffins always seem so homely.

Singapore has been hit by such a strong cupcake wave, that discovering The Muffinry is like breathing freshly-baked-muffins-in-the-cafe air really.





Located at the end of Telok Ayer street, The Muffinry is a small narrow cafe that also serves tarts, breads, coffee and tea. I heard that they get their coffee beans from Papa Palheta. Furnished simply with a few tables and the owner running around in her apron, it’s the exact homey feel that belongs to muffins in my mind. It also slightly reminded me of cafes in Korea.



According to some reviews, their tarts here are pretty good. Too bad there was only chocolate tarts when I was there, wanted to try their creme brulee tart. Each tart is $5 if I’m not wrong.


They have a All Day Special, buy 5 muffins and get the 6th one free! Usually the muffins are either $2.40 or $3 for premium varieties. Even the prices out and its $2 per muffin, but if you get the $3 ones you must still pay the 60c top up.


I got 3 flavors, signature spiced carrot, banana walnut choc chip and pina colada. Really wanted to try their Green Eggs & Ham savory muffin made with avocado, ham and bacon but it was unavailable that day. The owner explained that as Singaporeans are still not accustomed to having savory muffins, they only do one flavor a day and they alternate the savory flavors. Might want to call ahead and check if you can! They also have samples if you are uncertain what to get.



Unlike their logo, their muffins doesn’t have muffin tops which is my favorite part! Their Signature Spiced Carrot, is packed with raisins, walnuts and shredded carrots. The spice blend was fragrant, and that was most noticeable after they warm the muffins up when you dine in. I tucked into the little ball of a muffin and while I’ve never had a carrot muffin, I imagined its pretty similar to carrot cake. It’s similar, but better because of the ratio of toppings versus batter (and personally for me, sans cream cheese frosting). I smelt ginger, which seemed a little out of place, but maybe that’s me. Would have loved for this to be a little bit more moist.


My fave of the lot, the Banana Walnut Choc Chip was moist, naturally sweet and with choc chips bigger than edamame! A classic combination executed well.


I only had a bite of Pina Colada, which was pretty normal, couldn’t really taste the rum though.


This tag came along with the takeaway bag, which is totally good quality and reusable by the way. Was chatting with the owner about this and she said they are trying to encourage people to recycle so they made the bag more durable and included the discount tag. A little goes a long way people!

I did find the muffins a little undersized but come to think of it, a cupcake usually cost more too, $3-$4.5? Maybe that’s why everyone’s making cupcakes, higher profit margins? But I don’t need the pretty cake facade, just give me more muffin places.

(erm ok I just found out that they have cupcakes on their catering menu)

The Muffinry 

112 Telok Ayer Street

Singapore 068581

Mon-Fri       8am – 5pm

Sat             10am – 4pm

6509 6462


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