EwF @ Orchard Central


EwF is the casual burger joint of Everything with Fries, from the same people behind Awfully Chocolate. Instead of a full menu like their outlets in Holland V and Joo Chiat, EwF feature affordable set meals priced at $9.90 that include a burger/sandwich with a side of their fries (5 flavors to chose from!) with a drink. Perfect for a night in town with friends on a budget, open to fast food, but still want a decent place to sit and chat. Not to mention nice fries!


Chose from Original with paprika, Curry, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar and Garlic fries!


Being the sister restaurant of Awfully Chocolate, they sport a decent dessert menu with cupcakes, their nutella tart and cakes. Had the nutella tart on a previous occasion and I wasn’t impressed, the texture of the nutella filling was very jelly and goo-like instead of being dense.



Was starving and our orders took forever to come! You need to take your own cutlery too, we always forget about that. I had the Tandoori Burger with the very, ah hem, apt curry fries! A thick slab of well marinated boneless chicken thigh between a burger bun that looked like English muffin buns. According to their website, they bake their breads from scratch, which is not something that would struck me if I didn’t visit their website. The chicken was pretty tender and better than what I expected from fast food actually! An extra leaf or two of lettuce would be great to balance things out. The generous fries portion tossed with curry powder were also good, albeit a little unevenly coated. It can be a little dry in the mouth due to too much powder, so avoid the ones that are too red.


Battered Fish Sandwich with cheese, mushrooms and original fries. Second favorite combination of the night!


A new addition to the menu, the Slider with minced beef patty, bacon, mushrooms and cheese screams sinful. These EwF people are sneaky, they know how to tug at our cravings! Probably anything that has bacon, mushrooms and cheese in it will be yummy but I kind of fear for my heart. Didn’t get to try the salt and vinegar fries.


Bacon Omelette Burger with sour cream and onion fries.

Convenient location, affordable prices and decent food makes this place a good alternative to our regular fast food. Don’t feel like getting a meal? Share an order of fries with friends at $2.90, bigger portions, better flavours and environment compared to sitting at Macs in my opinion!

Everything with Fries

181 Orchard Road, #01-24/25 Orchard Central

Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm
6634 8358

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