Bedrock Bar and Grill


While I love beef and a good steak, I rarely have them in proper steakhouses other than Jack’s Place. So when my sister tossed me the challenge to find a good affordable steakhouse for lunch one rare weekday that both of us wasn’t working, I was stumped. Morton’s and Lawry’s was out of the question. Places where lunch ended at 2 like Les Bouchons was out because it was already 145pm and I refuse to go Outback or Astons Prime because I don’t believe that I can’t think of better options.

Bedrock Bar & Grill was on my mind but what I remembered was the prices are on the high side. A quick call resulted in the discovery of their 3 course set lunch menu in the $30s range and last order was at 230pm before closing at 3pm, perfect. So down to somerset we sped!

Bedrock always held a certain element of mystery to me. The number of times I sat at Oriole Cafe, their sister restaurant opposite Bedrock at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, looking curiously towards Bedrock’s simple black facade, wondering about how its interior looked like. Blinds ran the length of their windows, and they are usually down, or at least during the times I’ve looked. As I approached the restaurant, the small empty bar area at the front felt almost unfriendly and cold, looking like a cellar with wood paneling and a tall wall of spirits gracing the bar/counter on the left. Our waitress brought us through a short ‘tunnel’ before we laid eyes on the main seating area and kitchen. An Alice-popping-out-of-the-rabbit-hole-moment happened here, for the interior gave off a very different vibe!




The interior was small but classy, furnished with dark woods, posh circle booths and elegant lightning. Not stiflingly so, as you see diners relax and chat softly.



Warm Pita was served together with butter and an entire clove of cooked garlic. The garlic that I have heard so much about was wonderfully fragrant and nicely browned. It was soft enough to make a rough spread on the pita and tasted mellow, the harsh edge of garlic gone after cooking. Excellent start to our lunch.


Fish Chowder, part of lunch set. I love love chowders, especially creamy clam ones. Their fish chower however, was out of the stereotype and while it smelled very appetizing, the taste failed to meet expectations. It was more like a fish broth, and my sister found it too fishy. We didn’t finish our soup.



My US Striploin with Anchovy Butter, $35++ with lunch set. You get to chose a side and I got their Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes (with truffle oil!!). Learned that striploin is also known as porterhouse steak, as is New York strip. It came beautifully grilled in a hotplate with gorgeous pink meat inside. Do chefs consciously align the marks? First bite and I tasted all the beefy flavours in my mouth, well seasoned and tender. A little on the rare side as I ordered medium but that was ok, makes it juicer.  It was a substantial steak, very full at the end.


The mash was awesome! A little grainy in terms of texture as far as mash potatoes go but it was a joy to eat. The mild potato flavor from Yukon Gold potatoes was accentuated with tiny pockets of truffle oil. I like how they went easy on the butter and how its on the wet side, maybe from the oil, that makes it easy to eat without any gravy. This light side didn’t catch my sister’s attention at first, but we also didn’t get sick of it throughout the meal.


My sister’s medium rare US Ribeye with Diane sauce, $38++ with lunch set. Didn’t know what was Diane sauce but turns out its like seedy mustard sauce? The huge slab of meat was more tender compared to my striploin, but not as well seasoned on its own without suace in my opinion.


Her side of Mac and Cheese! If the mash was a long distance runner, then the mac and cheese must be a sprinter. Hot and creamy, the mac and cheese was simple comfort food. Would have been better if its a tiny bit less salty. Enjoy it hot while the sprint lasts as it gets overwhelming about halfway through, as the heaviness of the dish catches up with you.


Warm banana cake with vanilla ice cream to round up the meal. The cake is those slightly sticky type, pretty normal.


Noticed their happy hour board on my way out and they offer complimentary mini burgers during happy hour! Similar to Morton’s happy hour deal. Must come back for happy hour at Bedrock one day.

Service was discreet and excellent plus we appreciated that they didn’t rush us to end the meal since we were the last one around when dessert was served. So next time you are looking to indulge in a steak around town at a lower price point compared to the famous boys, why not consider Bedrock?

Bedrock Bar & Grill

96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites

6238 0054


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