Goodbye boring standard chocolate milkshake. Heeeello my own customized milkshake!

MakeShake is a new milkshake joint at City Square Mall that features customization of flavours from their long list of ‘Shake-ins’, which are toppings you can chose to be blended with your milkshakes! Categorized into chocolates, fruits, biscuits, sweets, sauces and coffee tea malt. If you can think of other ‘Shake-ins’ that will work great blended with their homemade malted vanilla ice cream base (that’s reduced in sugar yayy), they are open to suggestions as well!

Ready? It’s time to be adventurous with our milkshakes.



Going down the escalator to B2 where they are located, it’s hard not to spot them in their striking rainbow and black decor. It’s also great that they managed to put in a few tables around the store for customers. I think all the cheery colours made me take more photos!





You will think these 3 step instructions are easy but Step 1 is already so hard! First chose your size, Small or Large?


Size goes first I think because a Small Shake at $3.70 comes with 1 free shake-in and a Large Shake at $5.20 comes with 2 free shake-ins! Their sizes are slightly bigger than Once Upon A Milkshake’s cups.


Step 1b, chose your shake-ins. I love how they have more premium and rarer choices like Maltesers, Toffee Nut and Mango and its a flat rate of 70cents for an additional choice of shake-in!


If you are like me, who felt lost at which combination to chose or wish to go for the tried and tested combinations, they also have 8 signature awesome options.


Step 2, order from a friendly ‘shakerista’ and watch them go at it. We can’t all be milkshake experts. We can at least, pretend to be one while asking these milkshake experts to blend up one according to what we like! That’s their Chief Milkshake Maker serving me that day, one of the 3 partners that are behind MakeShake.


Step 3, suck hard. I was laughing, but I am actually surprised that they weren’t kidding. My Simply Marshella (small) with Nutella and Marshmallows from their signature menu was thick, and I can’t even taste it because my first few sucks failed to bring it to my mouth blahh. When I finally got to it, it was a smooth chocolate hazelnut base laced with little bits of pillowy marshmallows. The best part? It wasn’t too sweet even with nutella. There was no oily aftertaste you get with milkshakes made from cheap ice cream. I think their signature selections are pretty worth it, since there are essentially 2 shake-ins instead of 1 for small sized.

By the way, don’t underestimate that small cup, I was so full when I finished it!


My friend’s Longan & Butterscotch and Lychee & Toffee Nut, both small. Theirs tasted thinner than mine did, maybe because of the fruits? The butterscotch one was interesting, sweet and buttery?


If you like the stickers you see on their cups, they are available for sale too! Bet kids will love decorating those cups.


From now till 30 November, they have a 2 Oreo Shakes for $5 promotion on-going too!


It’s great that they are following their dreams, I can only hope that one day, my cafe will materialize too. Till then, drink a milkshake and I believe it might just make their day when you enjoy them, or managed to suck it up the straw.

One last thing…and the same goes for any ice creams yup!



#B2-K2/K11, City Square Mall

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 10-10pm


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