Patisserie Glace


Knowledge can change a lot of things. Like how my family used to just buy any cake from nearby cake shops or ice cream cakes from Swenson’s or Haagen Daz to celebrate my birthday. But as my knowledge of nicer, better cakes grew, so did my cake appetite. So I took over the task of getting my cake last year, and got a Strawberry Souffle from Flor Patisserie for the family celebration. Brilliant decision, fabulous cake.

I took over the task this year too, and thought it might be good to do a comparison of Strawberry Souffles. Some of you may know that Chef Yamashita from Flor used to be from Patisserie Glace, so this year, I chose to go back to the ‘source’.



Strawberry Souffle, 18″, approximately 1.2kg, $48. There’s a $2 discount for advance and internet order. Please note that the discount do Flor’s strawberry souffle is $52 for the same size. Look at them giant juicy strawberries! Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the cross section, too excited and busy giving out cake.

The sponge is much denser than I expected, with light lemony and cheese flavors. Lots of strawberries to go around and not too much cream. The puff pastry was tiny bit soggy, which I can understand for being exposed to the elements for a period of time. The souffle was still a good eat, though it didn’t blow me away to be honest. Maybe the expectations were subconsciously high on my part.

The memory may be a little old, but somehow, I preferred Flor’s. The sponge seemed to be lighter, the puff pastry fresher and more praises for the cake last year. Oh well. Guess it’s time to move on to Mont Blancs!

Patisserie Glace

12 Gopeng Street #01-33/34 Icon Village Singapore 078877


Opens Everyday at 11am

Closes at 7pm Mon-Fri; 6pm on Sat; 5pm on Sun & Public Holidays


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