Salted Caramel


Everyone has a weakness, and mine happens to be ice cream.

Ice cream, is my ultimate all-occasions comfort food. I have it whether I am happy, sad, angry, or when it is scorching or freezing. Have a fight with me and watch me throw in the towel when you give me ice cream. Also, I may just have a slight problem trusting you as a person if you don’t like ice cream.

Awhile back when Salted Caramel opened at Thomson we were so excited. Hooray for a good cheap ice cream cafe in the area! It is just beside the prata house and directly behind the bus stop. Prices have increased since they first started (they must have realised how cheap they have been) but to date it is still one of my favorite ice cream places.


Furnished simply and cheerily in white and yellow, the interior is probably good for 30pax. I didn’t manage to get pictures of the cute art hanging at the side dedicated to their individual flavors though. By the way, it is really noisy when it gets crowded so this is not the cafe you come to study at yup. Free self-service ice water is available at the back of the cafe.


Ice cream, coffee, drinks, affogato, waffles, brownies, selection of cakes in their display fridge pretty much sums up the menu!


They do have a few interesting options like Horlicks & Tim Tams and Chocolate & Stout, which makes for a pretty rich chocolate ice cream. Their signature is of course their namesake Salted Caramel and there are other flavors like Peanut Butter, Earl Grey, as well as fruity ones like Lychee and Mango. Prices are $3 for a scoop, $5 for double and $7 for triple. It used to be $2.50 for a scoop and $5.50 for triple though. They strangely do not have a take home pack, but according to my server they can do a 4 scoop ‘take home’ pack for you at $9? (update: they introduced take home pack at $12, pretty steep)


Waffle with Avocado, Horlicks & Tim Tams, $5 + $3.50 for waffle. If you want to order a waffle they have a rule that you must order from the cashier, instead of from any server, so head there straight if you intend to get one! Every waffle comes with a choice of maple syrup or chocolate sauce. Our first and third waffle was gorgeously browned, crispy and smelled wonderful but the second one was meh. Their waffle texture is the spongy, airy type that tasted quite good, at least for one and three!

Horlicks & Tim Tams was great! Strong malt taste with crunchy tim tam bits but I have to admit it starts to be very sweet about halfway through. Avocado was even better, probably even better than The Daily Scoop’s! Thick and creamy avocado taste, with the sweetness coming from what I think is the inclusion of some gula melaka. In fact, it was so thick that it took a very long time to melt. Even when melted, it still resembled a paste of sorts? Look at the comparison between Avocado and Horlicks & Tim Tams below!




Avocado and Strawberry, their strawberry was alright, didn’t taste fake.


Salted Caramel and Rum&Raisin. Their Salted Caramel is my second favorite and it was slightly addictive, smooth and wasn’t overly sweet. The Rum&Raisin was nicely strong on the booze but could do with more raisins I think! I preferred theirs over Udders actually, which was my go-to place for alcoholic ice creams.

I’ve brought so many friends to this place and they all loved it, so I believe you will too!



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