Bangkok: After You Dessert Cafe


The first thing you will notice about this cafe is probably the queue.

Located in the basement of Siam Paragon, tucked away in a corner beside the gourmet market, the queue took up almost the whole walkway. The first time I saw this cafe in the evening, typical Singaporean mentality drew me over to check out the menu. It’s mostly a dessert cafe serving cakes and cookies, with many people ordering their thick toast with ice cream. We didn’t intend to brave the queue but was around the area again next morning and decided to drop in for brunch.

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Hummerstons is a fairly new restaurant/cafe/bar establishment in the Robertson Quay area. Hidden on the second floor, the place was pretty empty on a late Saturday night, though I heard they have been gaining popularity for their brunch. You would think that an area like Robertson Quay will have places that open till late night but a lot actually close around 1am? Settled down at Hummerstons partially because they open till 2am.

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SOHO Coffee


I was actually already seated at Food For Thought, when the whole place just seemed to overwhelm me with it’s noise and Sunday brunch business since I was alone. So I walked down the road to Armenian Street, where SOHO Coffee is located in a discreet turn of the corner opposite the Peranakan Museum. Keep a look out because since they are in a conservational area, they have to keep to some signage limits imposed on them.

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Bangkok: On The Table


Sometimes, we stick to the things we are familiar with too often and as time goes by, I find that I’m taking less and less adventures. Bangkok is a place that I’ve been many times, and we always patronize the same few restaurants – we knew what we liked and knew where to get them. So I’m glad that I’ve managed to try some new places this trip, probably due to having different company too!

With no pressure or presumed expectations, we decided and went into the restaurant. I kind of miss this feeling actually, no risk no surprises right?

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