Dome is one of those places that appeal to me more as a place to go during tea time instead of a meal, I’m not very sure why. So this is actually my first time having dinner there, pretty empty and cold on a rainy weekday night. Most patrons are actually just quietly chatting while enjoying a cup of coffee, dessert or both!




Side of Ebi Fry, $8.50, with thai sweet chili dip. These are actually pretty good, medium big nicely breaded prawns. Somehow they remained warm till the end of the meal, not that I’m complaining.



Ribeye steak, $18.90, with caesar salad, spaghetti and black pepper sauce. Look at the portion of salad! The steak was pretty decently sized and cooked as well, not overly seasoned. The sauce was forgettable though. It actually comes with tomato based spaghetti but I requested a change to cream based, with bonus pieces of mushrooms.


Beef Lasagne, $15.90. This was kind of disappointing, but also depending on where u stand. If you like your lasagna doused with cheese, there was hardly any cheese on this one. Plenty of minced beef and it being not too wet is a plus point for me.


Cappucino. Ended on a caffeine note that was ok, loved the biscotti! Always wondered how they cut them, shall go read up on it!


51 Bishan Street 13
#01-02 Bishan Community Club
Singapore 579799
Tel : 6354 8939 / Fax : 6354 8937
10.00am to 11.00pm (Daily)


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