Drips Bakery Cafe


My last stop for the Tiong Bahru estate cafes, is Drips Bakery Cafe at Tiong Poh road, located just a tart frisbee throw from The Orange Thimble. I’ve stopped being surprised at finding nice new cafes in the middle of the rustic neighborhood but I can’t deny that the sight continues to leave me in awe. I did spend a lot of my childhood in this area, and coming back brings new feelings everytime.

I’ve managed to visit Drips twice before I was done with this post, so I’m sorry if the photos look a little confusing. Once was on a totally crowded Saturday afternoon and the next on a totally empty rainy Sunday.





Once you head in you are greeted by lots of goodies at the counter, breads, pound cakes, dried fruits & nuts and various tarts. I’m not sure about their baking cycle, but the two times I’ve been there there is always at least 2 tarts on display. I suggest you find a seat before ordering though.


Very excited because these tarts just came out fresh from the kitchen while I was ordering, giving me the perfect reason to get one! See the missing spot? That tart belongs to ME =D

Sorry Cherry Brandy Tart, you will have to wait till another time.


Was very amused with the gigantic tip bowl.





Menu and their coffee counter, but still place your drink orders together at the main counter yup. Drips also serve sandwiches, pies and some brunch items.



On the crowded day, it was just plain noisy despite the center being quite a big airy space. One thing about Drips that I like, it’s their high ceilings. Me and my friend only managed to snag a corner with a small chest as our table. The next time though we had the whole place to ourselves, thus the gorgeous empty pictures.

If you like the green and red chairs, you can buy them for $1288 but methinks its better spent on some pastries.



The back section with the gorgeous roof window and the kitchen to the right that you can peek into.


Mixed Berries Tart, $6. Know how the ratio of most fruit tarts is more tart base and custard compared to fruits? Here it’s more fruits to tart, because the berry dome is totally packed with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries! I appreciate the amount of fresh berries but in this case I was also hoping there was more tart because the tart base is really good people. Crisp and buttery goodness filled with rather light custard with tart berries!


Fresh Strawberry Croissant, $6.80. First time having something like this, mixed feelings about it. Firstly, the croissant is cold while I would prefer warm croissants. While the fruit slices look big, they are pretty thin, so I think the tarts are more worth your money.



Cinnamon Egg Tart, $6. The tart base for this is not as nice as the berries tart, proving to be like those doughy egg tart types? Maybe its to fit the egg tart image. I can’t really taste or smell the cinnamon and as a cinnamon lover I would love more of that. The egg filling kind of feels like there is too much gelatin sort of? Not as wobbly as usual egg tarts. Should have tried the Cherry Brandy Tart on this occasion.


Mocha, $5. This was alright, but I’m a little miffed that their hot beverages doesn’t come with a biscuit or something. Have grown to expect them with my hot coffee!


Ice Mocha, $6.50. Compared to The Orange Thimble, I must say that their cold coffee drinks are both good and value for money due to the size. Slightly on the thin side, but was better than the hot mocha in my opinion.


Latte, $4.50.


Cappucino, $4.80. Aww spoiled coffee art, but this was pretty decent.

Drips is a place where you should definitely come for their tarts, but perhaps if you wish to stay longer, you may want to consider hopping over to Orange Thimble after that due to the crowd, and for more comfy sofas.

Drips Bakery Cafe

82 Tiong Poh Road

Mon – Sun: 11.00am – 9.30pm / Tue : Closed

6222 0400



5 thoughts on “Drips Bakery Cafe

  1. I remembered when it first opened and I also enjoyed their sandwiches immensely- yumyum! BUT- and this is a deal breaker to me- from $9.80 they are now, for the exact same thing, $13.80. That’s just way too expensive for a sandwich in my opinion. Also the berry tarts which I ordered quite a bit of to give away to friends went up in price and down in number of berries. Very disappointed …

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