Ambush Sausage & Pasta Bar


Ambush recently had a second outlet, a sausage and pasta bar, located deep inside takashimaya’s B2, hidden amongst the cluster of Japanese restaurants. A very casual and open concept where diners sit on wooden benches and were offered colorful plastic menus, quite different from Ambush at Junction 8.





The place was crowded even on a weekday evening, plus points for location but that resulted in slow service. They do serve ice water, but I just got it myself instead after failing and failing to get someone’s attention.


Baby Calamari Fry, $6.20. Ordered this because almost everyone had one serving on their table and it was served in a nice pot (pictured below) so I was pretty disappointed when it came served in the soup bowl. I know they must have ran out of pots but my heart felt cheated due to expectations sigh. The head was pretty oily and loose, but the tentacle portion was nicely fried and battered, fragrant to the bite. You will taste more squid with this compared to Old Chang Kee’s squid fritters.



Vongole with white wine cream, $10.90. This was, really disappointing. The pasta was overcooked and the sauce made it seem like an amatuer dish, with the consistency and taste that reminded me of campbell’s soup. I was joking to my friend that it reminds me of canteen western food, with benches and all. Bright side? Quite a lot of clams (though some sandy ones) and you get to choose your preferred type of pasta.


Mixed Seafood Pasta, $11.20. This fared better, my bite of pasta wasn’t overcooked, with tangy tomato based sauce.

Plenty more opionions in the area in my humble opinion. Some of you might not like to have the crowd walking beside you too while you are eating, though in fairness it only feels intrusive for the tables at the border. Seeing that this joint is named “sausage and pasta bar”, it falls short of my expectations for the pasta bit. You can perhaps take a gamble on the sausage bit?

Ambush Sausage & Pasta Bar

Ngee Ann City, B2-04



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