Bangkok: On The Table


Sometimes, we stick to the things we are familiar with too often and as time goes by, I find that I’m taking less and less adventures. Bangkok is a place that I’ve been many times, and we always patronize the same few restaurants – we knew what we liked and knew where to get them. So I’m glad that I’ve managed to try some new places this trip, probably due to having different company too!

With no pressure or presumed expectations, we decided and went into the restaurant. I kind of miss this feeling actually, no risk no surprises right?


Deemed as a tokyo cafe, which I honestly have no idea what it exactly means but the place was done up simply with a few booth seats and oozes the casual laidback vibe. Very understated and almost homely, so perhaps this is where the Jap influence comes in. The place was packed on a Saturday night, with a constant queue, though not frighteningly long. We were lucky enough to get a table in 5 mins. The waitress was kind enough to look out for us since they were calling out tables and we didn’t understand Thai.

Check out the little tables inside the frame!



I have a soft spot for indoor open restaurant spaces like this that gives you the non restrictive and pseudo alfresco feeling! Wish Singapore have more of these spaces though, Siam Paragon and Central World have lots of these types of restaurants and cafes! Off the top of my head, I can only think of Meatworks at Ion that reminds me of indoor open restaurant spaces.

Their uniform weirdly reminds me of matrons and there were no male servers!


Pretty menus


Salmon Carparccio, 180 baht, approx SGD $7. Got to love the prices, although salmon don’t seem to be exactly cheap in the other Jap restaurants I went. On hindsight, I regret not getting the Baked Scallops as well that was going for 155 baht. This was really good, much better than expected. The smoky Parmesan flakes and crumbled feta went really well with the rocket and balsamic dressing on salmon. Would order this again in a heartbeat and this is only my second fave of the night!


Norway Chirashi, 210 baht, approx SGD $8.50. This is like a cross between sushi and a open faced bento? First time seeing chirashi out of a box no less! Neat little squares of compacted rice topped with asparagus, ebi fry, cream cheese and salmon sashimi. Cheese was too thick in my opinion, can’t taste the salmon. For the price, I’ll rather order another main or starter too.


Spaghetti Mentaiko with Calamari, 260 baht, approx SGD $10.50. Best dish of the night and we attacked it before I remembered to take picture, but it came looking just like the one on the menu! Their sauce was very yummy, reason why I like it so much. The thicker kind of cream, dotted with crunchy roe and nicely seasoned to pack the flavor. I transferred pasta from the next dish just to finish the sauce! The calamari was lighted battered and very Q too, wished there was more!


Eliche Bacon Mushroom Cream Sauce Pasta, 180 baht, approx SGD $7. Originally only wanted one main but since we could still eat and the pasta was good, we got another. Love the colours! I’ve never been able to taste the difference between the ‘carrot’ n spinach’ one though. On the whole, the flavors were simpler, with the thick Eliche bacon giving most of the salty flavor. Mushrooms were plentiful and sliced thick, meaty to the bite. Regretted getting both cream based dishes near the end hahah.

A delightful dinner and nice place to rest our tired feet indeed, this little adventure was well rewarded.

On The Table

6/F, CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Rd. Bangkok, Thailand


Opens 11am to 10pm daily


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