Hummerstons is a fairly new restaurant/cafe/bar establishment in the Robertson Quay area. Hidden on the second floor, the place was pretty empty on a late Saturday night, though I heard they have been gaining popularity for their brunch. You would think that an area like Robertson Quay will have places that open till late night but a lot actually close around 1am? Settled down at Hummerstons partially because they open till 2am.



Their outdoor area, with a slight colonial feel from their white double doors and the building’s iron railings.






Their indoor area is very spacious and nicely enhanced with mood lighting but very bad for photos. Love the white washed brick walls, photo college and quirky sofas! Gives off an overall cosy intimate vibe great for couples to lounge and small gatherings. It’s sort of the place where a rowdy table will feel awkward, but maybe it’s just that night, you always need some rowdy ones before that attract other rowdy ones to make the place seem busily rowdy afterall!


We had a red and a white but I’m not very knowledgeable about them so shall not comment. Wish they gave more bowls of the complimentary roasted nuts to go around the table, with almonds, cashews and sunflower seeds. Plus points for taking the effort to roast them though!



Got an order of their Hummerstons House Fries, $13 to nibble. Served in a pretty Japanese styled wooden box, dusted with parmesan cheese and rosemary sea salt, the fries are the slightly soggy type which I like. Despite that and the satisfaction of biting into hot fries alongside cold wine, it was disappointing in the sense that the truffle smell was lacking and came slightly burnt. The redeeming factor was their yummy accompanying sauces, which is not worth the price in my humble opinion.

Nice place for a chat and simply hanging out, and while their food is pretty pricey and have not yet convinced me to return, I find their beverage prices reasonable. Archived as a late night coffee/wine place for me!


11 Unity Street, #02-14 Robertson Walk

6737 8863

Closed on Mondays

Tue-Thur: 12pm-12am

Fri: 12pm – 2am

Sat: 10am – 2am

Sun: 10am – 12pm


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