Bangkok: After You Dessert Cafe


The first thing you will notice about this cafe is probably the queue.

Located in the basement of Siam Paragon, tucked away in a corner beside the gourmet market, the queue took up almost the whole walkway. The first time I saw this cafe in the evening, typical Singaporean mentality drew me over to check out the menu. It’s mostly a dessert cafe serving cakes and cookies, with many people ordering their thick toast with ice cream. We didn’t intend to brave the queue but was around the area again next morning and decided to drop in for brunch.






Their Polaroid menu at the counter was very cute, but not big enough for browsing and images are not included in their table menu so would love for them to combine both together. Like the modern simplicity of their decor as well!




The cafe was still full on a monday morning and the staff told me to expect a 15-20 mins wait for my food. My Toffee Macchiato, foreground 85 baht approx SGD 3.50 and Cappuccino, background 80 baht approx SGD 3.20 took really long to come too. Don’t usually see Toffee Macchiatos around, the toffee taste was evident but the coffee was a little thin for my liking.


American Breakfast Set, 175 baht approx SGD 7. With egg, sausages, pancake with a ball of whipped butter and grilled tomatoes. The pancake was nicely fluffy, makes me regret not getting their nutella pancakes as my main!



Signature Egg Toast, 175 baht approx SGD 7. My first reaction was jealousy of the american breakfast set as my toast looked rather lonely on the plate. Cutting the thick toast open, you will discover melted cheese under the baked egg and ham, making things a little more exciting. I found the toast too dry on its own, but I just accompanied them with some thick syrup meant for pancakes. Their dessert thick toast accompanied with ice cream probably will not have this problem. I didn’t particularly enjoy this, tasted like normal ham and cheese toast, and this dish is very messy to eat. Should have gotten those pancakes!!

I wanted very badly to try their desserts since they are after all a dessert cafe, but didn’t have the stomach after breakfast. I found it interesting that they have quite a few Mille Crepe cakes, including green tea, chocolate and strawberry cream ones! The ones in Singapore are usually just vanilla. I doubt I will have a chance to try After You again though, with their queues and there are many other places in Bangkok to try!

After You Dessert Cafe

Siam Paragon Basement, beside Gourmet Market


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