Flor Patisserie


Flor Patisserie by Chef Yamashita, the pastry chef that left Patisserie Glace and opened his own shop, good move chef! Their cafe occupies a small shophouse space at Duxton Road, with only a few seating tables available, so it might be best to take away their cakes. Comes in their striking blue box too!

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Enjoy your reunion dinners!

For the past 23 years, I’ve followed the routine that had been set for Chinese New Year. This year, that routine is sadly interrupted, and I am frankly feeling lost from the uncertainty, change and prospect of a new routine for these first 3 days in the years to come.

To those that are still following their usual cny routines, I wish all of you a happy festive new year and may it continue to be filled with joy and laughter. Cheers!

Tiong Bahru Market


I remember how Tiong Bahru Market used to be, with the wet market, row of shops selling children clothes, toys, mini marts, tiong bahru bao where the queue is super long and all the hawker stalls…I know they were renovated long ago but it’s the first time I actually when up the new market, bringing my mom along to let her reminisce about the old times and food stalls.

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