Food for Thought @ 8q II


First post of 2012 and I’m blogging in real time while enjoying breakfast here people! Please be proud of me =)




Plain duo of pancakes, $8. Prices have risen a little since I was last here, still as yummy, fluffy and crisp around the edges though! Don’t judge me for ordering the same things, I like these a lot! There’s a slightly heavier twinge of citrus this round, which I don’t remember used to be there, almost as if I’m eating orange pancakes.

I’m so glad I’m here before the brunch crowd kicks in. Fft is better without the rush of crowds.


Side of Scramble Eggs with cream, $4. I can smell the cream as they set it down on my table. Eggy goodness but I personally would like less cream!

I’m halfway through my meal and I’m full already, tsk. Happy 2012 everyone!

Previous Post of FFT 8q

Food for Thought
8 Queen Street
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 9am – 10pm
(Last orders from kitchen 8.50pm)
Sun 9am – 9pm
(Last orders from kitchen 7.30pm)


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