Da Paolo Bistro Bar


Da Paolo Bistro Bar occupies a beautiful colonial house at Rochester Park, and as you can imagine, is very comfortably spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating plus a bar area. The place is simply furnished, but there is still a certain dignified elegance to it.




Personally prefer their outdoor seating!





Pizza Mascarpone, $24. Thin crust pizza drizzled with truffle oil and accompanied by mushrooms. Crust and cheese was chewy to the bite and the aroma it gave off was intoxicating, but I really would love more mushrooms.


Tagliatelle al granchio, $26. Homemade egg tagliatelle with tomato cream, vodka and crabmeat. This wasn’t my order but I like it so much I’m writing about it first! And I stole more of this than I should haha. The fresh pasta is less chewy compared to dried pastas and the sauce was just right, creamy enough to satisfy your dairy kick but not too much of it. The crabmeat was sweet and plentiful…I can finish 2 plates of this.


Saffron Risotto with Braised Veal, $28. My own order wasn’t half bad, I love the colour contrast and it’s a very generous portion for a risotto I think. The rice is firm, and my first few mouthfuls were very enjoyable but I think the cheese overpowered the saffron, and I couldn’t finish the risotto near the end. The braised veal cubes was very nicely tender and flavorsome, with the sauce offering a nice tangy break from the cheesiness of the risotto.


Mushroom Risotto, $26. Again, portions were generous. My bite of risotto was full of earthy mushroom flavours and a hint of truffle oil was present. This was less chessy compared to the Saffron Risotto.


Tiramisu, $11. Finally got to try the famous tiramisu from Da Paolo. I had high expectations and it met about 80% of them. The mascarpone was smooth and light, adorned with sprinklings of cocoa powder was a delight. Pair them with moist sponge fingers soaked with coffee and it makes a wonderful eat. Our only grouse would be the lack of alcohol, a pity actually.


Chocolate Souffle, $22. “Quick let me take a picture before it deflates!” Ah the 20 minute souffle that took like 35 minutes. Such an excitement when it was finally served. I’ve yet to try enough souffles to pass judgements but my bite of it was a new experience to say the least. Soft and airy with a strong cocoa taste, little chewy bits from the crust if you manage to get some. As much as a good souffle takes skill to make, a warm chocolate lava cake would be the one to get my cravings running.


Salted Caramel Pannacotta with Crunchy Almond Popcorn, $14. The presentation was a little surprising since I don’t usually expect panna cotta to come in a cup. The salted caramel panna cotta was a little too wobbly for my liking, bordering along the consistency of silky tofu but the salted caramel flavor was really creamy to taste. The almond popcorn cluster was nicely crunchy and the third jar actually contains coffee, which seems a little out of place to me?


Homemade Candy Bar. Layers of creamy peanut butter, lustrous chocolate, crunchy nougat on a cookie base, this is probably a kid’s atas candy bar came true. This is good, but oh so sinful, and sweet. I willed myself to stop after one bite, you should probably only order this if you have a big group to share with.


Valrhona Chocolate Cake, $14. Decent chocolate sponge but very forgettable amongst all the above offerings.


Weekend Brunch menu that was just launched about 2 months ago! Their a la carte dishes look affordable, compared to their brunch sets with champagne going for $113!


Nice Italian offerings, lovely ambience, service was alright, I can see myself returning for a good dinner sometime. Or at least try the bar with friends, the area looks so cosy!

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

3 Rochester Park



3 thoughts on “Da Paolo Bistro Bar

  1. We are happy to hear you enjoyed your dinner! A big thank you for sharing your experience and beautiful pics! Please come back soon to check out our newly renovated lounge area and new bar menu. A must-try is our “Arancini” – Risotto balls! It’s great with a fresh fruit cocktail!

    The Bistro Bar Team

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