Tom’s Palette


I rarely get the chance or bother to go to Shaw Towers so my path with Tom’s Palette don’t cross very often, even though I’ve studied in the area for 4 years and they have been around probably 6 years. They used to occupy just one small unit but have since expanded, with more seating capacity. Students frequent here regularly because on top of their cheap prices, SMU NTU & NUS students have 10% discount!


Was eating at Ah Loy Thai opposite and suddenly around 8pm the dessert crowd starts pouring in! Their servers are all very nice though, trying to accomodate the crowd’s request for samples, readily suggesting flavours to try and their samples are generous! Prices here are on the cheap side as well, only $3.20 for small and $5 for large.


Print on their table made up of past notes and photos previous cutomers left behind. I’ll be beyond horrified if I discover my face there one day.


Small cup, $3.20, $2.90 with discount! They allow up to 2 flavors for each size and while the small cup looks tiny, I could hardly finish it, the ice cream’s packed in and overflowing. Salted Caramel Cheesecake & Chocolate Sorbet in the background, Granny’s Favourite and Rum & Raisin in front. Salted Caramel Cheesecake was mostly creamy with hints of caramel and Chocolate Sorbet was simply pure rich dark chocolate that according to the Ah Ma that served me, contained no sugar if I didn’t catch her wrongly? Maybe too much for some, but my friend proclaimed it one of her all time faves. Rum & Raisin was suitably decent and I wholly adore the chocolate malt base of Granny’s Favorite! Reminds me very vaguely of Milo, but better than Island Creamery’s Ping Pong Milo in my opinion. lt contains tiny knobs of cookie dough, which I’m not a fan of because it was hard and somewhat leaning towards being sugary dough than doughy. I found their ice cream melts pretty quickly, and was rather annoyed but my friend says that’s a good thing because that means they use good cream?


Savoury Crunch on the right and Salted Caramel Cheesecake on the left. They tasted pretty similar! We all can’t exactly figure out what’s the crunchy bits made of.

The thing with Tom’s Palette is, I get excited at all the different special flavours like Toffee Chestnut (can’t taste the chestnut), Salted Egg (savoury and grainy), Nuts & Such (taste like peanut butter), Pumpkin (weirddd), Apple Pie etc but after tasting them, I don’t like them enough to make me want to order that get what I mean? They come up with new flavours all the time though so I guess it’s a trial and error kind of thing. Only for when I am in the area then, short walk from either bugis or city hall!

Tom’s Palette

100 Beach Road, 01-25, Shaw Leisure Gallery

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 12-930pm, Fri-Sat 12-10pm, Sunday 1-7pm

Closed on last Sunday of the month



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