The Orange Thimble II


Return visit to TOT for more coffee and cosy sofas but alas it was so crowded on a Sunday I was squeezed all the way at the back (and missing out on the nice strong air-con!) till late afternoon before I managed to snag a sofa. Read about my previous post here.


Regular sized Iced Latte, $6 (back) and regular sized Iced Caramel Macchiato, $6 (front). These cups were smaller than I expected, and were not as enjoyable nor as strong in taste as their hot counterparts in my humble opinion. I wish I could blame it on the ice but there really isn’t much ice either. In short, go for hot coffee at TOT and cold coffee at Drips Bakery Cafe across the road.


The Breakfast Burger, $5.50. This palm sized burger should probably be named as the Breakfast Bun instead. The order took 20mins and imagine the anti-climax I felt when my buzzer flashed its announcement merrily, as I walked to the counter to find a burger resembling a dinner roll. Although I shouldn’t be expecting much for the price, I honestly felt a little short-changed. Size aside, the sausages, bacon and mushrooms were nicely fried and made for a juicy bite into the bun, though there is a tendency for the burger to start falling apart there after. A funny purple coleslaw accompanied the burger, which I didn’t try but my friend seems to like it.

I found the following photo of the breakfast burger on their website, and it was dated 5 months ago but…I really want mine to look like that, in place of the above.

credits to

Do try to visit at odd hours to make the best out of your visit! It still is a pretty nice place to simply pass the time, with friends, books or whatever suits your fancy!

The Orange Thimble



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