Tiong Bahru Market


I remember how Tiong Bahru Market used to be, with the wet market, row of shops selling children clothes, toys, mini marts, tiong bahru bao where the queue is super long and all the hawker stalls…I know they were renovated long ago but it’s the first time I actually when up the new market, bringing my mom along to let her reminisce about the old times and food stalls.



Ice Kachang from Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House, $1.20 or $1.50? This is seriously cheap and a fairly big portion, filled with stewed red beans the old school way, not red bean paste!


Couldn’t resist the price of $1.50, so I got another Red Ruby, but this was a disappointment as it was pretty bland, too much coconut milk to sugar ratio.



Since this trip is all about old times, mum ordered a bowl of Fishball Noodles ($2.50?) that she used to like as well. Taste wise, I think they just don’t do noodles like this anymore! The seasoning is distinctly salty, but I don’t say it in the negative way. The kind of salty tang you feel on your tongue that only comes with salt grains, and it felt very rustic in a Singaporean way. Another thing was, I hardly see he giaos (that fish dumpling thing that looks like a ear) in my noodles anymore too.

I have no idea why the market upstairs was practically empty on a Sunday afternoon, it used to be bustling with activity all the time. There are many old favorites still operating there and you may be surprised with what you may find!


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