Flor Patisserie


Flor Patisserie by Chef Yamashita, the pastry chef that left Patisserie Glace and opened his own shop, good move chef! Their cafe occupies a small shophouse space at Duxton Road, with only a few seating tables available, so it might be best to take away their cakes. Comes in their striking blue box too!

They’ve also recently opened a counter in takashimaya’s basement, making cake collection a lot easier!


Their pretty shopfront. This place is certainly popular among the ladies!


One of their signatures, ice cheese tarts which I didn’t get to try as I was more interested in cakes and the high tea set that many patrons got as they chatted away.



Napoleon, $6.50. Crisply thin buttery pastry layered into a thick stack topped with a glaze of strawberry jam that tasted so naturally sweet. The prettiness of it only lasted as long as this picture as everything started falling apart from the first forkful. The pastry stack gave way to soft fluffy sponge and smooth cold custard-like cream, with a hint of strawberries and fragrant bite of pastry.

In all honesty, it was a good slice of cake but if I had to choose, I preferred their strawberry souffle, which I found to be better than Patisserie Glace’s too. There’s so many to chose from, I want to try their mont blanc and green tea range too! Try to get there before late afternoon, or you will be disappointed as they tend to sold out pretty early!


Flor Patisserie

2 Duxton Hill



3 thoughts on “Flor Patisserie

  1. I ❤ flor but haven't been there for awhile because there are just too many new places to try!

    Their ice cheese tarts are delicious- whether served ice cold, or thawed. It's terribly addictive because of that slight savouriness of the cheese.

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