Honeymoon Dessert


I am pretty sure that one can take a “holiday” in Singapore just by visiting authentic food establishments set up here that has foreign roots. You can probably go round the world in 5 small daily meals. And today, we visit Honeymoon Desserts from Hong Kong!

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Toby’s Estate


So where the bloody hell were you!

(if you find that offensive, that’s made in reference to the slogan of one of Australia’s tourism campaigns)

Sitting along the riverside at Rodyk street, Australian Toby’s Estate is one of the newest kid on the block, known for their coffee and coffee roasts. Coffee, river, brunch and ang moh baby eye candies? I’m loving them already.

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Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong


It’s funny how just across the road from a bustling 313@somerset sits a pretty quiet Triple One Somerset. I don’t understand why people have not really discovered it as a dinner location, since there are lots of choices over there like Applebee’s, Sanomaru Sapporo Ramen, Bilbao Spanish restaurant, Black cafe, Italiannies, Imperial Treasure Steamboat and a nicely open and spacious Imperial Treasure Hong Kong Cafe. This place kind of dispels the all-hk-cafes-will-be-noisy-crowded-and-cramped image!

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Grabbed a healthy lunch with my friend at Cedele one day. Lunch set with choice of sandwich and choice of small soup, $10. I had their Saffron Clam Chowder and Chicken Avocado Sandwich on Pumpkin bread .

Colored by the saffron into a dull orange, the chowder could have passed off as pumpkin soup. It’s not like your usual creamy, filled with soft powdery potato cubes type so don’t expect that like I did. It was thinner, with just barely the taste of saffron and hint of cream, accompanied with the occasional potato cube and clam bits. Not as satisfying but still made for a hearty start to my lunch.

Sandwich-wise, all ingredients used tasted very fresh but I found it a little bit dry.

On an additional note, if you have not tried their “Cloud9” line of eggless ice creams, you really should! Creamy and relatively healthy (I think), plus it’s reasonably priced at $3.50 a scoop.


Various outlets island wide


Banana Leaf Apolo Restaurant


I hardly eat Indian food, if you guys have noticed it, other than prata and curry. Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional Nasi Briyani or Butter Chicken but it’s just not in my usual repertoire of food considerations so I apologize in advance if this post seems…lacking in some areas (names, ingredients). We were around Mustafa and the family was craving Fish Head Curry so we headed down to The Banana Lead Apolo at Little India, courtesy of my Dad’s recommendation.

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