1-Caramel: Valentine Chocolate Workshop with Valrhona

*Invited session*


1-Caramel Valentine Chocolate Workshop

You will need:
February, Valrhona Couverture Chips, well-stocked kitchen, Bloggers, Cameras and the help of a Cake Artist if you can get hold of one

Makes 5 types of handmade pralines in 2 hours.

…and volia! Almond Crunch, Passionfruit Lime, Raspberry Almond, Hazelnut Milk and Black Truffle waiting to be savored (foreground to back).

With many thanks to the 1-Rochester Group, I had the opportunity to attend this hands-on chocolate making session along with several other food bloggers and acquired new skills in surprising our loved ones this coming Valentines Day

Our Chocolate Artist, Chef Ivan started us off with making Raspberry Almond and after coating the mould and chilling it to form the chocolate shell, we had to pipe in the filling.

The correct way to do this is to squeeze with the hand that’s on top while the second hand is simply there to provide support, which I guess in a way it also helps to prevent lumping in the top part of the piping bag? Kind of like the toothpaste logic!

Very inviting looking bowl of tempered chocolate, melted with hot water while separated with the pot, to cover up and complete our first pralines!

Cake Artist hard at work.

Hit it twice for good luck! No really, you hit it a few times so that remaining air bubbles will surface, giving you a beautifully filled praline after it sets.

It may look intimidating at first glance but the above is definitely achievable in our own comfy humble kitchens! You will be able to buy ingredients and chocolate moulds (recipes at end of post) at baking supplies shops and places like ToTT. The process is quite standard as well, coat the moulds, flip it upside down to let chocolate drip to prevent setting shells that are too thick, cook and pipe filling, cover up, pop into the fridge and wait for it to set!

Making passionfruit filling with lime zest for Passionfruit Lime praline, the combined citrus smell is absolutely sharp and heavenly.

The Australian Chef, whose name I am unsure of, checking the white chocolate that will soon be shells for Passionfruit Lime praline.

Remember to sieve the lime zest out before mixing!

Had some fun making Black Truffles too, this particular chocolate is all about the rolling…

…rolling them in cocoa powder…

…rolling out excess cocoa powder on a sieve…

to get a ball of fresh Black Truffle! If you thought it can’t get simpler than this,

Try making Almond Crunch by roasting some sliced almonds, wait for it to cool before mixing with chocolate and scooping into a mould for it to set. This is actually my fave of the lot, but I’m biased because I like nuts. If you don’t like nuts, you can make Cornflake Crunch by substituting cornflakes too!

Distracted by the pretty display of cakes! I was pretty amused with the lego one.

Their exquisite Valentine cupcakes!

Beautifully plated up by the chefs.

We were treated to some yummy food after, here’s their very brunch worthy Bacon & Egg Pizza. 1-Caramel is more than a dessert boutique, it serves savory and brunch items as well. The crust is slightly thicker compared to other thin crust pizzas and it wasn’t the chewy type but somehow reminded me of biscuits as it was kind of crunchy? Maybe it’s because my slices are those closer to the edge.

We were also informed that starting 6 Feb, students will have 15% off upon showing their student pass, valid Mondays-Fridays from 3pm and there is also free wifi for dine-in customers. I’m sure this is welcome information for nearby NUS, NP and SP students!

Big Breakfast for us to share. I love big breakfasts since there is a bit of everything! I liked the sausages and wilted spinach, which isn’t something seen very often on Big Breakfast plates as they are usually with the Eggs Florentine. This plate would be complete if the chef can add some mushrooms but there is probably enough to share among 2 people as is.

Oozing Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Salmon Roe. So satisfying to poke through the yolk and pop a bite in your mouth, no?

BLT Wrap that totally looked like steamed chicken to everyone when it was served! That aside, this wrap with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and cheese tasted pretty flat and forgettable.

Newly created dessert platter that’s introduced this week! In tune with the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations, it is all centered around milk, white and dark chocolate. On the left we have Earl Grey Milk Chocolate Pudding, White Chocolate Mousse with Lime Curd, Vanilla and Passionfruit Sauce in the middle and Dark Chocolate Mint Sorbet on the right.

The earl grey pudding gathered mixed reviews. I liked that the earl grey flavor was strong and coming through nicely while chocolate took a gracious backseat in this pudding but the consistency of this dessert was a little confusing. I felt like it was a mousse with an identity crisis, since it had the outlooks and texture of a mousse but was structured and wobbly.

The sorbet reminded me of Tom’s Palette and was thick with a refreshing twist of mint, chocolate lovers will like this!

Fluffy white chocolate mousse with a nice twist of lime in the center. Occasionally I will bite on to a tiny shred of coconut that made me very happy. I guess desserts are still their forte after all compared to savories!

And here’s all of us with Chef Ivan!

(Credits to misstamchiak.com)

Thank you once again to 1-Rochester group for the invite and 1-Caramel for hosting us, it had been a fun experience making chocolates and meeting other bloggers!


Raspberry Almond (makes 30 pieces)

  • Valrhona dark chocolate 55%, 540g
  • Raspberry puree, 300g
  • Trimoline, 60g
  • Unsalted Butter, 130g
  • Baked Almond, chopped, 100g
  • Coated chocolate for shell, 600g


1. Melt Valrhona dark chocolate in metal bowl over hot water

2. Mix Trimoline with Raspberry puree and heat

3. Mix raspberry puree, melted chocolate and butter together

4. Refrigerate raspberry ganache for 1 hour

5. Line chocolate mould with dark chocolate (600g meant for shell), and flip over to drip excess

6. Hit bottom of mould to force out air bubbles before let it set in the fridge

7. Pipe some ganache into mould after shell has set, add some almond before sealing the pralines with remaining chocolate

8. Scrape off excess and return to fridge for it to set

Almond Crunch (makes 30 pieces)

  • Valrhona dark chocolate 55%, 200g
  • Roasted almond strips, 350g


1. Melt Valrhona dark chocolate in metal bowl over hot water

2. Mix well with roasted almond strips, spoon into mould and place in refrigerator to set

Black Truffle 70% (makes 30 pieces)

  • Valrhona chocolate 70%, 440g
  • Whipped Cream, 250g
  • Trimoline, 25g
  • Unsalted butter, 50g
  • Coated chocolate for shell, 600g
  • Cocoa powder, 300g


1. Melt Valrhona chocolate, mix in Whipped cream and Trimoline, place in fridge for 1 hour to make ganache

2. Melt chocolate for shell, add unsalted butter

3. Roll ganache into small balls or any shape you desire

4. Coat each formed ganache with chocolate before rolling it in cocoa powder

5. Sieve rolled ganache to remove excess cocoa powder

Passionfruit Lime (makes 30 pieces)

  • Valrhona white chocolate 35%, 540g
  • Passionfruit puree, 300g
  • Trimoline, 60g
  • Limes, 2
  • Unsalted Butter, 130g
  • Coated chocolate for shell, 600g


1. Melt Valrhona chocolate

2. Grate lime for lime zest to taste

3. Heat passionfruit puree with lime zest, trimoline and butter. Sieve mixture to remove lime zest bits before mixing with valrhona chocolate to make ganache. Place in fridge to cool

4. Line chocolate mould with white chocolate (600g meant for shell), and flip over to drip excess

5. Pipe ganache into mould, hit it to force out air bubbles, cover with melted chocolate for shell and place into fridge to set.

1-Caramel Dessert Boutique

1 Rochester Park, Level 2 (head up the stairs from One Rochester)

Singapore 139212

6774 1302

Opening hours:

Sun – Thurs: 1030am – 1130pm
Fri – Sat & Eve of PH: 1030am – 130am



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