Banana Leaf Apolo Restaurant


I hardly eat Indian food, if you guys have noticed it, other than prata and curry. Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional Nasi Briyani or Butter Chicken but it’s just not in my usual repertoire of food considerations so I apologize in advance if this post seems…lacking in some areas (names, ingredients). We were around Mustafa and the family was craving Fish Head Curry so we headed down to The Banana Lead Apolo at Little India, courtesy of my Dad’s recommendation.



Trust me when I say I was very surprised to find that they sell wine here.


Complimentary Papadum, or maybe it’s just included in the price of rice since each portion is $3.


Veggies that come along with each portion of rice.


I chose to have long grained Briyani Rice, $3.50 per portion. All rice and veggies are refillable!


Fish Head Curry, Large, $30. The curry here is a little runny but according to my parents fish curry is supposedly less thick compared to chicken curry? Give me chicken curry then.


Tandoori Chicken, half plate, $11. This failed to impress, 4 pieces of chicken and was pretty dry.


Mutton Masala, medium, $12. This was nice! Tender chunks of mutton that didn’t taste too gamey and nicely seasoned.


Garlic Naan, $2.50, which I wasn’t impressed with. Too hard and lacking garlic flavor.


Butter Chicken, foreground, $11 and Paneer Makhni, $8 in the background. Heavy on butter, the Butter Chicken was pretty fragrant and the sauce went well with rice, second fave of the night. As for the paneer, I can’t comment much as I’ve always felt weird about the texture of cottage cheese, even though it is supposed to be healthy.

I like to have lime juice when I have Indian, something that I’ve practiced since young, does a good job of cleansing your palate from all the heavily seasoned and oily dishes!

Banana Leaf Apolo

54 Race Course Road S(218564)



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