Grabbed a healthy lunch with my friend at Cedele one day. Lunch set with choice of sandwich and choice of small soup, $10. I had their Saffron Clam Chowder and Chicken Avocado Sandwich on Pumpkin bread .

Colored by the saffron into a dull orange, the chowder could have passed off as pumpkin soup. It’s not like your usual creamy, filled with soft powdery potato cubes type so don’t expect that like I did. It was thinner, with just barely the taste of saffron and hint of cream, accompanied with the occasional potato cube and clam bits. Not as satisfying but still made for a hearty start to my lunch.

Sandwich-wise, all ingredients used tasted very fresh but I found it a little bit dry.

On an additional note, if you have not tried their “Cloud9” line of eggless ice creams, you really should! Creamy and relatively healthy (I think), plus it’s reasonably priced at $3.50 a scoop.


Various outlets island wide



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