Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong


It’s funny how just across the road from a bustling 313@somerset sits a pretty quiet Triple One Somerset. I don’t understand why people have not really discovered it as a dinner location, since there are lots of choices over there like Applebee’s, Sanomaru Sapporo Ramen, Bilbao Spanish restaurant, Black cafe, Italiannies, Imperial Treasure Steamboat and a nicely open and spacious Imperial Treasure Hong Kong Cafe. This place kind of dispels the all-hk-cafes-will-be-noisy-crowded-and-cramped image!


The whole place is presented in the simple no frills type of style. Their menu is up on the pillar that you see upon entering the cafe so I suggest you don’t take your time in ordering. They will serve the food to you after you placed your order at the counter. I like it that their congee is offered here too!


Ice Milk Tea, $1.90. Creamy as it should be, just slightly lacking in tea taste to me. They serve free ice water here too!


My friend’s Roast Duck and Chicken Rice, $7.50, which I did not try. He insisted on picking the chicken up!


My Beef Brisket Curry, $8, was very filling. The curry seemed to be pretty heavy on the spices though it looks like Japanese curry so don’t be fooled! I can’t really handle spiciness so I thought this was pretty spicy. Quite a few beef brisket pieces but the meat was on the tougher side, pity.


Portuguese Baked Rice with Chicken, $9. This took some time to arrive but smelled pretty nice! The sauce wasn’t bad from the bite I took but I think I will get sick of it if I were to have this.

I still like this place for the relative peace, reasonable prices (no service charge) and high ceilings it offers, though I will probably stick to their congee on my next visit. They should consider offering dim sum items here too! Having their custard buns, cheong fun and congee here will make me very very happy.

Imperial Treasure WIndows of Hong Kong

#01-K1/24/25 Triple One Somerset

6732 8798


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