Toby’s Estate


So where the bloody hell were you!

(if you find that offensive, that’s made in reference to the slogan of one of Australia’s tourism campaigns)

Sitting along the riverside at Rodyk street, Australian Toby’s Estate is one of the newest kid on the block, known for their coffee and coffee roasts. Coffee, river, brunch and ang moh baby eye candies? I’m loving them already.




Normally, I would have loved to sit inside with the air con and high ceilings. But I liked just where I was, outside on a wooden bench set, shielded from the rays by the shade. Luckily for me that was a giant fan behind so it was still pretty pleasant sitting there. There are more tables lined right beside the river but those are not shaded.


My waiting number cube. I swear they will lose all of them some day. Some day.


Just me, my thoughts and a Latte , $5, that day. I like that it wasn’t too milky, and there wasn’t an acidic edge to it. The prices stated on their menu board are all nett.



I take more photos and have a lot more fun with it when I’m alone, loved how finally one of my top view shots worked out, no shadow!


I wish they would extend their opening hours! Free wifi for you and oh free water as well. Worth a visit and return, no?

Toby’s Estate

8 Rodyk Street #01-03/4

Opened 7.30am to 6pm daily

6636 7629


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