Honeymoon Dessert


I am pretty sure that one can take a “holiday” in Singapore just by visiting authentic food establishments set up here that has foreign roots. You can probably go round the world in 5 small daily meals. And today, we visit Honeymoon Desserts from Hong Kong!


Mango Pomelo Sago , $5.80. I personally prefer Wei Xiang Yuan’s as this version is a tad milky, and the price is above average for a mango dessert.


Mango Pancake, $4.50. If you were tempted by the 50% off second pancake offer, don’t, unless you are a big fan of cream. The proportion of cream to mango is way off for me, not to mention that the pancake, is more akin to the size of a large mochi.


Same situation with Durian Pancake. For the price and quality, bring me to Four Season’s kiosk to buy their fresh durian pancakes anytime.

Honeymoon Desserts

313 @ Somerset

Various outlets island wide


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