Sweet Salty Spicy

*Invited Session*

The Rail Mall is a curious place with it’s elongated structure. Just opposite the railway tracks along Upper Bukit Timah road, partially hidden, is the shorter ‘broken off’ section of the mall with most of the restaurants, where Sweet Salty Spicy and Cafe Epicurious is.

Both outlets share the same management and a joint space so if you are undecided between Thai and Western, served by Sweet Salty Spicy and Cafe Epicurious respectively, they offer a best of both worlds arrangement where you can order from both menus!

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Island Creamery


One thing I like about Island Creamery, other than ice creams, is that they provide free Horlicks and Milo Powder for you to sprinkle over your dessert! So here’s a double scoop of Ping Pong Milo with Horlicks powder topping and Horlicks ice cream with Milo powder topping, $4.50. Horlicks is my absolute fave from Island Creamery, all malty goodness every time I have it. But good things are meant to be taken in moderation as I soon found out when I bought a pint home. Eating too much of it at one go leaves that oily aftertaste on my tongue?

The combination of chocolate and marshmallows in Ping Pong Milo reminds me of Rocky Road. The milo taste is mild and together with the marshmallows I am pretty sure this flavor makes a lot of kids happy. For hardcore chocolate lovers, best to stick to their famous ReverseO.

Island Creamery

10 Jalan Serene #01-03
Serene Centre, S(258748)


Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am to 10pm Fri, Sat, Eve and Public holiday:
11am to 11pm




It is impossible to miss Delicious if you are at the basement of Scotts Square. The large airy space that they occupy looks inviting, and it reminds me of a greenhouse with the use of full glass panes running the length of the restaurant. Complete with greenery adorning the brick walls, bird cages, unfinished wood, and a huge ornamental wooden tree that goes up to the ceiling too.

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The Pigeonhole


*update: unfortunately the cafe is now closed.

The first thought that flew into my mind when I entered The Pigeonhole at Duxton Road was “why is it so quiet?”

I didn’t know it was a book cafe, but on hindsight, there were quite a few interesting titles placed around the space for people to browse.

Unlike the many new crowded rowdy indie cafes, The Pigeonhole is not considered a new player in the cafe scene, in fact they just turned a year old this March. Perhaps people have forgotten it, or prefer to visit newer establishments but hey I’m not complaining here, I adored this place.

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